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Canada Deploys Hazardous Materials Experts In Search For Downed UFO

In the search for debris of the unidentified flying object, hazardous materials experts were deployed (UFO) shot out of the sky over Canada this weekend, according to authorities.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is leading the recovery effort. It is located in northeast Canada’s Yukon territory. Officials say that a U.S. fighter jet brought down a UFO Saturday in a North American Aerospace Defense Command operation. Canadian Armed Forces will be supporting the operation with a variety of aircraft including a CC-130H Hercules as well as a CH-149 Cormorant helicopter.

Sean McGillis, the acting deputy commissioner of the RCMP’s federal policing program, explained during a briefing on Monday that the mysterious circumstances of the UFO warranted a wide range of expertise.

“We are sending out folks with explosives capability, we’re sending out folks with that chemical, biological, radiological background, only because we don’t know what we’re dealing with,” McGillis stated, CTV News. “In any situation like this where we’re not sure what we’re dealing with, you always err on the side of being overly cautious and that’s why we’re deploying the specialized expertise that we are.”

Officials state that large areas are being explored. A remote area northeast of Dawson City. Maj.-Gen. Paul Prevost, director of staff for the Canadian military’s Strategic Joint Staff, said that an initial assessment put the debris somewhere in a 3,000-square-kilometer area. Experts are working to reduce it, he said.

“We are exploring a very large area,” McGillis added. “It is unfortunately very rugged and mountainous terrain. The weather conditions are not great. There’s a very high level of snowpack in the region. So, our efforts are going to be difficult. It will be challenging. It will take us some time.”

McGillis claimed Monday that no such information was known by officials. “specific threat” He was not open to the public, but asked for everyone’s cooperation. “cautious and to allow authorized personnel to respond to the incident,” per Yukon News. “Should you locate any debris, please contact the RCMP directly,” He concluded.

Officials claim that U.S. aircraft shot down two more UFOs within the past week. One was over Lake Huron, near the Canadian border. The Canadian Coast Guard and the RCMP are helping to search for debris from the object. It was described by the Pentagon as an octagonal object with strings attached. Anita Anand (Canadian Defense Minister) described the UFO which was shot down above the Yukon as being “fantastic.” “cylindrical.” On Friday, another UFO was seen to be shot down above the frozen waters of Alaska.

These UFOs were accompanied by a Chinese spy ball that the U.S. sent down just off the coast South Carolina. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed. “Obviously there is some sort of pattern in there.” U.S. Northern Command The crews were able to recover the items. “significant debris” From the spot where the Chinese balloon exploded, “including all of the priority sensor and electronics pieces identified as well as large sections of the structure.”

Officials have not yet determined the origins of the UFOs. But they stressed that they were shot down as they flew at an altitude so high that they posed danger to civilian aircraft. They also may have been conducting surveillance. According to the Biden administration, the UFOs were not being considered for destruction. Not believed to come from outer space.

John Kirby, White House spokesperson for national security, stated Tuesday that the White House believes there is a need to strengthen the security of American citizens. “leading explanation” The U.S intelligence community offered the following: “were simply tied to commercial or research entities and therefore benign,” According to The New York Times.

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