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Can Trump’s Promises And DeSantis’ Policies Drag Wannabe GOP Leaders Right In 2024?

Trump’s campaign has released some wonderful videos about his plans. “save American education” “protect children from left-wing gender insanity.” And while it may be frustrating for Trump to be forced to issue promises instead of being able to act on his political agenda, the videos are full of excellent proposals; it’s too bad Trump never had an opportunity to implement them.

This obvious rejoinder illustrates the strength and weakness of Trump’s attempt to win the GOP presidential nomination for a third straight time. The strength is seen in Trump’s willingness to speak plainly about controversial issues when most Republican politicians would equivocate. He is happy to appeal to the party’s conservative base. But his bold promises raise the question: Why didn’t he do this during his four years as president? 

Trump’s first term is diminished by the executive actions he promises to take in his second term. Furthermore, Trump’s tacit admission that he left a lot undone in his first four years may sow doubts about whether he will follow through if given another term. Of course, the former president and his backers can offer excuses for why he didn’t accomplish these things the first time around, but voters may not be persuaded, given that he sold himself as someone who would cut through red tape. 

These videos also suggest that Trump is following his expected primary rival (in both senses), Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump has promised to take action, but DeSantis has been winning on these issues. DeSantis won the fight to keep sexual material and gender ideology out of young children’s classrooms, and he It was defeated the College Board’s recent attempt to push critical race theory in AP courses. He was the architect of the conservative approach. Reform and takeover of the state’s New College and is pushing through a plan for Abrogation Wrongly called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” Florida’s higher education system is dominated by bureaucracy. Florida is home to the Florida Higher Education Commission. Restricted Children’s genital surgery.

Although it is frustrating for Trump to have to make promises and DeSantis has to implement policies, the dynamic for conservatives is great. The two presidential nominees will not only be on the same side, but they will also prioritize and promote them. This will put a lot of pressure upon the rest of the GOP. 

Others, like Nikki Haley who is also a presidential hopeful, will need to either follow Trump and DeSantis’ lead or adopt the moderate establishment label. This is a losing strategy. These issues will push GOP officeholders and candidates all across the country to make a statement. 

It shouldn’t take much to convince GOP politicians to support these issues. Trump and DeSantis’ positions are correct. They are also popular. Many voters, including Democrats, don’t want critical race theory and its racial obsessions taught in public schools.

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