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California’s Population shrinks for third consecutive year

California has a population of approximately 1.2 million. fallen for the third straight year Exorbitant living costs and declining quality life have caused a growing number of people to leave the Golden State. 

Data published by the U.S. Census Bureau found that despite births outnumbering deaths and the arrival of over 125,000 immigrants, the state’s population shrank again as more than 300,000 moved out of the state. Between July 2021 and July 2022, the number of people fell from 39,142,991 to 39,029,342 — a fall of around 114,000 people. 

“There was a sizeable uptick in population growth last year compared to the prior year’s historically low increase,” Kristie Wilder is a Census Bureau demographer and spoke out about publishing the figures. “A rebound in net international migration, coupled with the largest year-over-year increase in total births since 2007, is behind this increase.”

H.D. Palmer, deputy director of External Affairs at the California Department of Finance told the Sacramento Bee that the shrinking population was mainly a result of the state’s cost of living crisis.

“If you talk to demographers, they’ll say that one of the factors is the cost of housing,” Palmer stated. “And that’s continued to be a challenging issue for the state.”

California’s migration outward is heavily influenced also by politics. maintaining The state, and all its major cities and local government bodies, were held in a rigid grip. Many Republicans have fled to red and purple state in search of lower living costs and freedom from COVID strictures. The most popular states are Texas and Florida. 

Texas’s population increased by 470 708 people since July 2021. It now stands at over 30 million. Meanwhile, Florida’s population increased by 416754, resulting in a total resident population of 22,244,823. This migration may have had an impact on midterm results as Republicans won. tightened Their

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