‘California Stops At The Arizona Border’: Senate Candidate Blake Masters Visits San Francisco For Latest Campaign Video

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters walked viewers down a typical San Francisco, California, street for his latest campaign ad. In the fifty-second video, masked pedestrians stroll by tent encampments lining sidewalks, while the homeless and drug addicts either shuffle past or slump over with heads hung. Masters suggested that Arizona would turn into the streets of San Francisco if Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) gets re-elected. 

“This is San Francisco; it’s disgusting. This is what Mark Kelly wants Arizona to look like: high taxes, crime, drugs through the roof – it’s insane. Kamala Harris wants to talk about the root causes of illegal immigration. They don’t want to talk about the root causes of urban squalor: Democrat policies,” asserted Masters. “[W]e’ve got to make sure that California stops at the Arizona border.”

Masters didn’t spend anything on this campaign video – or the others. He revealed Tuesday on Twitter that one of his friends made all of his videos “for free.”

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Masters expressed how surprised he was by the current state of San Francisco. He assessed that it’s become much worse since he’d lived there.

“They basically legalized crime,” stated Masters. “There were cars with shattered windows. It’s just smash and grab [for criminals]. They’ve legalized drugs on the streets. As you saw in the video, it’s just like tent cities everywhere. There was always some of that before, but it was a lot more than what I expected.”

Masters shared that none of the locals interrupted them while filming. According to the San Francisco Police Department, overall crime rates for the area have increased this year compared to last year.

The senate candidate also remarked on the disparity between so-called middle-class neighborhoods and those areas where the more wealthy live. Masters opined that the squalor was the fault of governance – not a lack of income or opportunity.

“The crazy thing is the contrast between there and Pacific Heights – Pacific Heights is still a nice place. It has picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge, [and] 30 million dollar houses,” said Masters. “It’s the failed government. And I think most of the city is quickly becoming what you saw in my video and less like Pacific Heights.”

The Daily Wire asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) when she last walked the streets of San Francisco. Pelosi didn’t respond by press time. 

Pelosi’s last publicized visit to San Francisco was in February of last year when she visited Chinatown to encourage tourism in the earliest stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. After that, Pelosi made various stops for her personal needs – such as her clandestine, maskless trip to a hair salon in September.

Masters informed The Daily Wire that he would likely be releasing a testimonial video from one of the locals living on the streets: an aspiring rapper named “T-Bone” who explained what it’s like living under the current Democratic policies.

“He’s trying to get back to doing gigs and my sense is, with the high cost to succeed, it’s really hard to break out of [that environment] once you’re in it. I think it’s really telling when there’s no one there who thinks it’s working well,” explained Masters.

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