California legalized jaywalking to address rising pedestrian deaths in L.A. in 2022.

Maceo Grigsby, a homeless‍ man,⁣ pulls ⁤his belongings behind him⁣ as he crosses a street December ⁣5, 2002 in San Francisco,⁣ California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty⁤ Images)

OAN’s James Meyers
11:20 ‌AM – Wednesday, August⁣ 16, 2023

The city of Los Angeles’ ⁢pedestrian deaths ⁤continue to rise after the state of California legalized⁣ jaywalking in ‌January ⁢of 2023. In a distinct ‌move ⁢to ‌reduce pedestrian deaths, the state legalized jaywalking, as what lawmakers are calling an equity-driven ‍strategy.


According to the Los Angeles Police Department, pedestrian fatalities are expected to reduce significantly from 2022’s⁣ 20-year high. Almost 75% of‌ all pedestrian fatalities in the City of Angels involved jaywalkers.

Deputy District Attorney​ John McKinney, is calling the latest data on fatalities “predictable outcomes.”

“The new⁢ law, which legalized jaywalking, was enacted in January of 2023 and ⁣has already led to 19 fatalities ‌due to unsafe crossings, out of the ⁢26 pedestrian fatalities in Los Angeles through August ⁢7th,”  McKinney said. “California’s pedestrian fatality rate is already 25% above the⁢ national average.”

According to SAFE‌ Director ​Damian ⁣Kevitt,⁣ in 2022, 157 pedestrians died ​in the city. The data also revealed traffic and cyclist fatalities‌ both increased from 2021.

Additionally, SAFE stated that homeless people⁣ are 40 times more likely to be hit by a​ car compared to other pedestrians.

Fox Los Angeles, claimed jaywalking laws⁣ were repealed due to Democrat lawmakers in the Golden State. Their claims⁢ for the ⁤reasoning behind it is because‍ it impacts⁣ poor and minority communities to ‍a higher degree.

“When expensive tickets and unnecessary‌ confrontations with police impact⁢ only certain communities, it’s time to reconsider how we use our law​ enforcement resources and whether our jaywalking laws ⁣really do protect pedestrians,” Democrat State Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-Calif.) said.

Experts predict the new jaywalking⁢ laws in Los Angeles could impact ⁣the rest of⁤ the United States moving forward.

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