California Kindergarteners Will Read About Transgender Kids For ‘Transgender Day Of Visibility’

One school district in Northern California is facing backlash after announcing their celebration of “Transgender Day of Visibility” with a children’s book reading about gender identity for students as young as kindergarten. Despite concerns expressed by some parents, the K-5 students at Burton Valley Elementary in Lafayette School District will read a book called “It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity.”

The book’s characters are transgender kids, whose identities are explained to readers, along with scientific concepts like “transgender,” “cisgender,” and “non-binary” individuals. These ideas have been criticized by some parents as inappropriate for young children.

Several parents on a neighborhood social media platform, Nextdoor, said they would keep their children at home to avoid the book. However, Burton Valley Elementary’s principal responded that the school regularly has conversations with students about individual identities to ensure they feel valued and appreciated for who they are.

In addition to the book reading, the school board passed a resolution to honor “Transgender Day of Visibility” and ordered that the transgender flag be flown at all of the district’s elementary and middle schools. The celebration of “Transgender Day of Visibility” is part of the Lafayette School District’s efforts to create an inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their gender identity.

Last year, the district also launched a new system for reporting incidents of bias related to race, LGBTQ identity, disability, sexual harassment, discrimination, and hate speech.

The Daily Wire attempted to contact both Lafayette School District and Burton Valley Elementary for comment, but did not receive a response.

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