CA community college profs sue state over DEI rules, claim First Amendment infringement.

A Group of Professors in California Sue State Over ⁤Diversity Mandate

A group of six passionate community college professors in California are taking ⁢a stand against the state’s requirements to ​include diversity, equity, and inclusion elements⁢ in their courses. They believe ​that these mandates infringe upon‍ their First Amendment rights and have decided to fight back.

“These regulations are ⁤a ⁢totalitarian⁢ triple-whammy,”⁤ expressed​ FIRE attorney Daniel Ortner. “The government is forcing professors to teach and preach a politicized viewpoint ⁢they do not ⁤share, imposing ⁣incomprehensible guidelines, and ⁤threatening to punish professors when they cross an arbitrary, indiscernible line.”

The Foundation⁣ for⁣ Individual Rights and Expression⁢ has filed a lawsuit on behalf of these professors‍ from ⁢three‌ community colleges in⁣ Fresno County. The colleges represented in the lawsuit include four professors from Madera Community College, one from Reedley College, ⁢and one from Clovis ⁣Community College.

New⁢ Mandates and Their Impact

The‌ new requirements ​demand that professors “promote and incorporate culturally affirming DEIA and anti-racist‌ principles to nurture and create a respectful, inclusive, and ‍equitable‌ learning and work environment.” Additionally, ⁣professors are​ instructed to “respect and ⁢acknowledge⁣ the diversity of students and colleagues.”

However, these guidelines go ⁢beyond mere ‍suggestions. Even using the term “I ⁢grade my class based on‍ merit” is deemed unacceptable, as it is considered to be⁣ “embedded in the ideology of Whiteness and upholds⁢ race-based structural inequality,” according to a glossary of​ terms. The plaintiffs argue that these mandates infringe upon their academic​ freedom, ⁣as they are ⁢being evaluated based on their inclusion of⁣ diversity and inclusion concepts in their classrooms.

The professors feel that they are being forced to incorporate elements that are not relevant to ⁢their respective fields. For instance, Reedley College professor Bill Blanken, who teaches chemistry, questions‍ how he is expected to incorporate DEI into his classroom instruction. He humorously asks, “What’s⁣ the ‘anti-racist’ perspective on ​the atomic mass‌ of boron?”

The lawsuit specifically targets State Chancellor of California Community‍ Colleges Sonya Christian, the members of the board⁣ of governors of the California Community ​Colleges,⁢ Chancellor of ⁢State Center Community College District Carole Goldsmith, and the board of ​trustees of the State Center Community ​College District.

To stay updated on this ongoing legal battle, click ​here ​ to read more from The Washington Examiner.

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