California College Trustee Wanted To Send Conservative Faculty ‘To The Slaughterhouse’ Based On A Race Hoax

California College trustee threatened to resign after racially charged controversy. “to the slaughterhouse” According to a Daily Wire investigation it appears that false claims are being made.

John Corkins, vice-president of the Kern Community College District Board of Trustees (KCCD), made the threat at a December 13th 2022 meeting. This was after conservative faculty were accused of racism and making them feel unsafe. The Daily Wire obtained audio which shows that the alleged racist comments weren’t made. The activists who claimed they were unsafe were treated with respect.

The racist remarks allegedly occurred, ironically, during an October 11 diversity committee meeting, and centered around claims made by students who attended the meeting in support of professor Paula Parks, who obtained her doctorate in philosophy at Capella University and runs Bakersfield’s Umoja ASTEP program, described on its website As “a program that integrates academics, support services and African-American culture.”

After that meeting, Parks’ students began publicly claiming that their mentor was smeared by Matthew Garrett, who has a doctorate in American history from Arizona State University and teaches history and ethnic studies at Bakersfield. One student, Jordyn Davis, submitted a written comment to Bakersfield’s academic senate with an alleged direct quote of Garrett saying “Dr. Parks’ way of teaching is not…” This made her feel good. “a mixture of confusion and concern.”

In additional comments Davis, a member of the KCCD Board of Trustees, claimed that Garrett was not being treated fairly by the Board. “went on to insult Dr. Parks,” She insisted. “felt very personal and came from a place of hate.” Both times, Davis began her remarks with Garrett “insisted” A survey that purports to show what students of color have experienced “racial stress,” “race-based physical aggression” “microaggressions” It was wrong.

Garrett is alleged by audio to have made the comments during the October 11 meeting. Ask whether the underlying survey was valid and suggested doing another survey, since the original was conducted during the pandemic when students weren’t on campus. At the end of his comments, he suggested that he was “concerned about repeated appeals to popularity as evidence of truth” and indicated toward Andrea Thorson, Bakersfield’s dean of instruction, that she teaches in her class that this is bad logic. He did not mention Parks in his remarks.

“Call me old fashioned but I believe in truth and evidence-based reasoning,” Garrett shared his thoughts with The Daily Wire. “In an age of emotional incontinence we need to remember that while feelings do matter they cannot displace facts.”

Garrett told Fox News announced earlier in the week that “completely fabricated” Garrett could lose his job if he makes racist claims. Garrett stated that, since the meeting at which the allegations were made, he had received notices from the administration claiming that he had caused problems. “real harm” Students and was being removed by the diversity committee.

Two other students submitted comments to the academic senator. One student claimed that she felt uncomfortable. “very uncomfortable” After walking into the room, and looking around “a few of the faculty’s faces.” She also claimed she “felt” that if she were to take those professors’ classes, she “would fail in the classes because of the color of my skin.”

Another accusation revolved around comments made during the October meeting by Ximena Tavares (a research assistant who received her doctorate in philosophy from Caltech). Parks read an accusation from a student at the December board meeting who claimed Da Silva Tavares said during the October meeting that racism doesn’t exist. Da Silva Tavares raised her concerns about the methodology used to collect the survey that showed students of color were victims of racism on campus. She also asked if there was a problem with racism on campus. Her remarks were concluded by her saying she and other faculty members agreed that racism is a problem on campus. “question the solutions of the problems,” “question even the problems that you’re saying that we have.”

Daily Wire’s request for comment from Da Silva Tavares was not answered by the latter.

One of the comments submitted by another student was focused on Catherine Jones’ question to Garrett, one of the professors who attended the meeting. Jones asked Garrett when they entered the room. “Why the f*** are they here?”

Jones admitted to making the comment in an academic senate meeting in October, saying she was reacting to what was, in her view, Parks’ use of students as pawns.

Parks addressed the allegations against Garrett as well as other members on the diversity committee. “trauma” Her students were able to endure the meeting.

“When I take students to a campus committee meeting, I want them to be positively educated about how an educational institution works, not traumatized and questioning whether they want to enter the profession,” Parks said.

Parks was then questioned about her students. “traumatized.” She didn’t respond.

Parks and the students left the diversity meeting after just 40 minutes. They were responding to a request from

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