By Discarding Religion And Tradition, Modern Art Turns Men Into Morlocks

Pilate asked Christ, “What is truth?” Today the question is: “What is art?” Whatever the answer, it is not Hank Willis Thomas’ new monument to Dr. Martin Luther and Mrs. Coretta Scott King. 

You are entitled “The Embrace,” the statue consists of two pairs of arms embracing each other — apparently, MLK and Mrs. King’s after the former had won the Noble Peace Prize — and nothing else. It would be alarming enough. This statue looks like You can find more information at male appendage It only gets worse when seen from certain angles. Thomas did not stop him from defending his monstrosity. 

“I think about the potential of The Embrace to be an inspiration for what monuments of the 21st century will look like … there has been a reckoning and conversation about what’s been done in the past, but really, we’re looking at the past as a gateway to the future,” The artist refused to give up. 

Some people were shocked at the statue’s unveiling, but nothing should shock us anymore, in politics or culture. In a world of uncertainty, a banana duct taped to a wall is considered “high art” Italian fraudsters “artists” sell invisible sculpturesYou can do anything. Marcel Duchamp signed a urinal after he turned it over “R. Mutt,” and then insisted he was being censored when the Parisian Salon des Indépendants narrowly voted to exclude it from its annual exhibition, art has been on a steady decline.

These days, the “Mona Lisas,” “Pietas,” “Starry Nights,” Frank Frazetta’s dynamic pulp art, which pulled viewers away from the everyday and material, and helped them to think more deeply and take action. Madonnas are now covered in elephantdung and crucifixes are kept in piss-filled jars. sharks pickled in formaldehyde, feminist monsters, piles de bricks, and regular wooden sheds All of them are praised by the arts commune and the self-professed educated enlightened as stunning commentaries, bold truths-to-power assertions, or “unique expressions of individuality.”  

This would be another example of art that is annoying if it was only about beautiful things in parks and public squares. “liberals are stupid and crazy,” Nothing more. But then, there wouldn’t be any reason to get upset over a pair of giant arms that look like a sex toy. Because art is the sacralization of the world, it is so much more. 

Christopher Dawson, a historian, argued that religion is at the heart of all societies and civilizations. Human beings are rational animals, and therefore can be religious, regardless of whether they worship natural forces, transcendental principles, the god Abraham, economics, and science.

If religion is the heart of every civilization, the art of that civilization is its blood, the flow of creativity which pumps life to every part of the society by incarnating the religion (mixed with a specific people’s history, language, and customs) and the virtues praised by the religion. Without the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt, there would be no pyramids, physical manifestations of the sun god’s rays; without belief in the Olympians,

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