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Texas border buoys reduce immigrant drownings: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

AUSTIN, ‍Texas — Lt. ‍Gov. Dan ⁤Patrick: Texas’s Border Water Buoys Save Lives

Lt. Gov. Dan⁣ Patrick made a bold claim on Monday, stating that Texas’s ​border water ‌buoys have​ led to⁤ a significant decrease​ in drowning-related deaths among immigrants.⁢ Despite ‍claims from Democrats that these ‍buoys pose humanitarian risks, Patrick ⁤defended their installation and accused ​President Joe Biden of being “coldhearted” and a “total socialist Marxist” in his handling of the⁢ immigration crisis.

“This ‌is one coldhearted ‌president. He doesn’t care, you know. They don’t like ⁣the buoys we put ⁤in the water. Guess what? We put them in to save people from drowning. Drownings are down,” Patrick said during an interview on Fox and Friends on Monday. “This president doesn’t care about anyone — total socialist⁣ Marxist. They⁣ say they care​ about everyone, but they care about no one. They ⁢don’t care if people die to achieve their political purpose.”

While Patrick’s claims​ are bold, Gov. Greg Abbott’s office has ‌not yet provided data to support them. The buoys were⁤ installed in early⁢ July, ⁤and⁢ Patrick was comparing drowning numbers ⁢before and after their installation. The Biden administration requested the removal of⁢ the buoys, but Abbott refused and vowed to fight the decision in court.

The Justice Department sued Abbott, alleging that the buoys violated the Rivers and Harbors Act. The​ DOJ also claimed that Texas’s actions had caused harm⁤ to foreign ⁢relations with‍ Mexico and raised humanitarian concerns. Rep. Joaquin Castro has‌ been vocal in‌ calling for the removal of the⁢ buoys, referring to⁤ them as​ “barrel ⁤traps” with “chainsaw devices.”

Amidst the‌ controversy, a​ Texas Department of​ Public Safety​ trooper⁣ filed a complaint, stating that the state’s border security efforts had become ‌inhumane. The inspector general for the state’s DPS has‍ launched an investigation into these allegations, including reports ​of⁢ deaths among immigrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

House Republicans from Texas have supported Abbott’s stance and blamed President Biden for the influx of noncitizens attempting to enter the U.S. without permission. They argue that the⁣ federal‍ government has failed to secure the ​border, forcing Texas to take action.

As ⁢the debate⁢ continues, it remains to be seen how ‌the issue of Texas’s border water buoys will be resolved. The conflicting⁣ claims and concerns highlight⁤ the complex nature of immigration policy and the ongoing challenges faced by border states.

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