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Britney Spears Explains Why She Moved Out Of Her New Mansion After ‘5 Or 6 Months’

Britney Spears has responded to reports that she sold her mansion in Southern California for millions less than she paid for it only nine months after purchasing the home. In a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, the 41-year-old singer explained that she likes what she likes and said the mansion in Calabasas was very beautiful but didn’t feel like home.

Spears stated that her new house was pretty big, and although most people would say it was a more beautiful home, she stayed for 5 or 6 months and came back to her normal bedroom. She likes what she likes, and nobody can tell her what is best for her. She is in love with the life she has built for herself, and she should be proud of it.

The “Womanizer” hitmaker explained that most wealthy people in greater Los Angeles own lavish over-the-top homes with a pool, but she had not been impressed by it. Spears stated that she is offended when she goes to big hotels or homes and the TVs come out from a picture above the fireplace. She thinks that it is the dumbest and most unattractive thing she’s ever seen, and it’s silly because most of the people’s homes she’s been to like that are so proud.

Additionally, Spears explained all the hard work she has done to stop her father from inflicting abuse and controlling her, as he had been messing with her head after 13 years. In November 2021, a judge ruled to terminate the conservatorship Spears had been under since 2008, controlled by her father, and some fans worried that the singer is struggling after posting numerous nude photos, rants, and strange videos on social media. But others say she’s just being herself.

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