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BREAKING: Massive Five-Acre Fire Breaks Out At Florida Warehouse

A warehouse is being evacuated by emergency personnel Feuer That began in Kissimmee on Thursday. FloridaThis is causing huge plumes of black smoke and ash to rise into the skies.

According to a report, Osceola County and Orange County fire crews are working together to put out the flames. The fire started when five acres of plastic planters caught on fire at a nursery supply business. Report WFTV added that authorities are monitoring the air quality in the region. WFTV’s Phylicia Ash shared footage of black smoke visible up to two miles away.

You are headed to an enormous industrial fire in Osceola County. 5 acres of land on fire. This is Poinciana Boulevard, just 2 miles from here. We will keep you updated on the latest information @WFTV

— Phylicia Ashley (@Pashleytv) February 16, 2023

At 7:00 AM Thursday morning, emergency responders continued to attempt to control the fire in Kissimmee. This is south of Orlando, Florida. A Spectrum News 13 reporter Jerry Hume captured the firefighters fighting the fire. Report The outlet.

Many agencies are involved in fighting this fire at Avenue A. #News13Osceola

— Jerry Hume (@JerryHume) February 16, 2023

The Daily Wire reached out to Osceola Fire Department for information about the fire and whether it was extinguished. Also, any injuries or death that resulted from the incident will be reported in this article.

After a Norfolk Southern train carrying industrial chemicals was derailled in East Palestine (Ohio) on February 3, there were concerns about the quality of air and water in the Ohio River Basin. All residents within one mile radius of the accident were evacuated by authorities. started To reduce the chance of an explosion, the volatile chemicals were controlled burned to lower the danger of shrapnel being released into the small community. Vinyl chloride was released last week from five train cars in massive plumes of black smoke visible throughout eastern Ohio, and western Pennsylvania.

Norfolk Southern has released vinyl chloride. Beware The EPA stated that a variety of other hazardous chemicals were found at the site of the derailment. One train car that contains ethylene glycol monobutylether has been identified. “unknown status,” Norfolk Southern states that while the amount ethylhexylacrylate is still present in other cars, it is not enough to cause any harm. “pending.”

Only after residents were advised they could return to home, did the EPA issue the full list. A first responder told an Interview The Daily Wire: The experiences that he and his coworkers had “bad cough, headaches, sore throat, and diarrhea” After assisting the affected community members.

The Biden administration has also given little attention to the derailment. Coverage From legacy media outlets. The Media Research Center’s analysts analyzed all broadcast coverage between February 4th and February 14; conservative nonprofit Conclusion CBS devoted only 9 minutes 53 seconds to the scandal while ABC aired 9 minutes 31 seconds. NBC aired 8 minutes 52 seconds.

Governor Josh Shapiro (D-PA) revealed On Tuesday, Norfolk Grumman gave opaque information to emergency personnel; the company allegedly “failed to explore all potential courses of action, including some that may have kept the rail line closed longer but could have resulted in a safer overall approach for first responders, residents, and the environment.”

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