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‘Bar Rescue’ host slams Bud Light boycott: Brand’s slap in the face.

Jon Taffer, the host of the popular show “Bar Rescue,” has declared that the boycott of Bud Light is here to stay. The boycott was initiated due to the beer brand’s partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a woman. Taffer explained that customers felt betrayed by the brand, as if they had been slapped in the face.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Taffer discussed the surprising longevity of the boycott with host Stuart Varney. While Varney expressed his surprise, Taffer was not taken aback at all.

“Beer brands and people’s connection to their beer is an identifier of your personality, it’s a personal thing, almost emotional,” Taffer explained. “People connect with these brands very heavily and in their view the brand slapped them in the face.”

“It’s almost like a spouse disappointing you in some way,” Taffer added. “It’s emotional. Stores have reduced shelf space for the brand, Stuart. Distributors have a reduced warehouse space. They’ve reduced order numbers.”

“This is not disappearing any time soon,” Taffer continued, noting all the “distribution mechanisms around Bud Light have all been reduced to adjust to current levels. It’s forever.”

Taffer, renowned for rescuing struggling bars on his TV show, was asked for his advice on how Anheuser-Busch could salvage itself from the boycott and declining market shares.

“I think that they need to go back to being a great American brand,” the TV host suggested. “And I think they need to stand for American values, which is what they did all these years.”

Taffer pointed out that at the end of prohibition, Budweiser’s famous clydesdale horses delivered the first keg to the White House. He believes that “they need to go back to those kind of roots.”

On Friday, Anheuser-Busch released a statement in response to the backlash against its Bud Light brand. The statement acknowledged the concerns of customers but did not include an apology.

“Our summer advertising launches next week, and you can look forward to Bud Light reinforcing what you’ve always loved about our brand – that it’s easy to drink and easy to enjoy,” said Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth. “As we move forward, we will focus on what we do best – brewing great beer and earning our place in moments that matter to you.”

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