Boxing champ speaks bluntly about transgender athletes in sports.

Former Boxing Champ Carl Froch Speaks Out Against Transgender Athletes in Sports

Former super middleweight champion boxer Carl Froch isn’t known for pulling punches, and he didn’t pull any in an interview published this week about transgender competition in a sport based on the dominance of physical strength.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s disgraceful, and it shouldn’t happen on anybody’s watch,” Froch told the sports website in the interview at Froch’s home in Nottingham, England.

The words landed with the power of Froch’s fists during the peak of his fighting days.

“It’s a man, basically, beating up a woman. Don’t care if they’ve transgendered into a woman, and they now think they’re a woman and they’re taking drugs to lower their testosterone intake,” he said.

“They’re stronger, they’re more powerful.”

The interview is below:

Froch, who has worked as a boxing analyst and commentator since retiring from the ring in 2015, described the idea of men competing against women in combat sports in terms even the most willfully blind leftists should be able to understand.

“We’re talking about a trans woman. So a man born a man, with the XY chromosome, fighting a woman who’s a woman — with a uterus.

“Shouldn’t happen, ever,” he said. “Should be banned and outlawed. It should never, ever happen,”

Froch emphasized the need for separate categories for transgender athletes.

“You can’t have a man, whether you’re a transwoman or not, competing in women’s sports,” he said.

“When you talk about a combat sport, you’re talking about a man … a biological man competing against a biological woman in a contact sport. No. Never.”

In June, Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges expressed similar concerns about transgender athletes and suggested the creation of distinct categories to preserve fairness in women’s sports.

Should men be allowed to compete against women?

Should men be allowed to compete against women?

“It’s like saying all of a sudden Mike Tyson wants to be a girl now and he goes and fights you – no way! And how do you measure it? ‘They don’t look really masculine so that’s OK.’ No,”  she told Bitcoin Casinos.

“I even spar with boys or guys smaller than me and they are ‘hell strong.’ So, I think, no.”

Froch and Ebanie raise a significant argument regarding the participation of transgender athletes in sports and highlight the potential dangers and unfairness of transgender athletes in contact sports like boxing.

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines and other courageous women have voiced their concerns about men, such as the University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas, competing in women’s swimming. However, the issue of physical disparities between men and women becomes even more pronounced and potentially dangerous in contact sports like boxing.

In these sports, where direct physical impact is fundamental, the inherent physiological differences between men and women can have serious implications.

In April, high school volleyball player Payton McNabb suffered severe head and neck injuries resulting in long-term concussion symptoms after a transgender woman spiked a ball in her face.

McNabb has said she still suffers from her injuries, and continues to face other health struggles, including impaired vision, partial paralysis on the right side of her body, constant headaches, anxiety and depression.

But this is not just a women’s fight.

There are two types of men in sports (and in life).

Men like Froch understand that a woman’s body is different from a man’s, and respect that. They see a man fighting a woman as wrong and unfair — an easy win that’s not a win at all.

Others, like Lia Thomas, understand women’s biology too. But they use it to their advantage. That’s how Thomas went from 65th in the country in the 500-yard freestyle swimming as a man to winning a national championship while claiming to be a woman.

Neither Froch nor Thomas is a woman, but only one of them is a real man.

It’s time for more real men to speak up.

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