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Boulder Delays Public Library’s Opening due to Meth Contamination

Two staff members were tested for methamphetamine in the restrooms of Boulder’s public library. The testing was done before Christmas and has since been closed. Although the building was due to reopen Tuesday, contamination testing has resulted in the building being closed. KCNC-TV.

The library was originally closed On December 20, 2022, two employees fell ill after a series of complaints about meth being used in the bathrooms. Initial testing revealed “severe” Officials have stated that the library’s restrooms could never be opened again due to contamination. Further testing revealed contamination within the air ducts and other contaminants in the restrooms. “high-traffic seating areas.” The city had announced that the areas would need professional cleaning.

In a statementDavid Farnan, the director of city libraries, said that initial testing had shown that “residue inside the ducts had higher than acceptable levels of methamphetamine. The ducts blow air and contaminants outside the building, but it is not yet clear what, if any, level of contaminants is on surfaces.” Farnan continued, “This is truly a sad situation and represents the impact of a widespread epidemic in our country. The city is consulting with Boulder County Public Health officials and will take all steps necessary to prioritize safety. We are committed to transparency and appropriate remediation.”

If the residue is still on surfaces, methamphetamine contamination could cause serious problems. The city maintains that “There is no indication at this time that individuals who have been in the library and its restrooms in recent weeks face significant health risks.” The city acknowledged that however. “Symptoms of exposure to low levels of methamphetamine contamination can include headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Individuals who have visited the library recently and are experiencing any of these symptoms should consult their healthcare practitioner.”

Friday night saw the submission of the final report by the remediation contractor to city. Although it is not clear exactly what the report contained, the city announced that the library would not reopen before Wednesday. It also indicated that the planned full reopening of library on January 9th might not take place on that date. The public will have the right to return items on Wednesday but will not be allowed to enter the library beyond that time.

According to Lexi Nolen (Boulder County Acting Health Director), in a statement “Methamphetamine use has dramatically increased as a challenge over the past few years in communities across the nation, including Boulder County. Boulder County Public Health is committed to continued partnership with the City of Boulder and others to identify and implement solutions that both protect the community and provide support to those needing help.”

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