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Border Patrol agents thrilled as Trump visits: ‘He’s our leader

EAGLE PASS,⁢ Texas: Border⁢ Patrol Agents Thrilled as ‍Trump Visits

“He’s Daddy,” ​a Border Patrol agent based⁢ in Eagle Pass told the ⁢Washington Examiner in a text message. Agents are not authorized to speak with media and spoke on the condition of ⁤anonymity.

“I’m super excited he’s here!! Love him!” said a second agent stationed in this region.

Former President Donald Trump made a highly anticipated visit to Eagle Pass, Texas, much to the ⁤delight of Border Patrol agents in the⁢ area. While President Joe Biden also visited ‌the ‍border, Trump’s presence in this region was met with enthusiasm from the agents. The fact that both presidents made appearances near the⁤ Mexican border highlights the significance⁢ of immigration as a top concern for voters leading up to their potential rematch in 2024.

A third ⁢agent said the only downside to⁤ Trump’s ⁢visit was that he could not attend in person ​and see the former president. “Wish I was there,” the agent wrote in a text message.

A fourth agent who has been detailed to Eagle Pass ‍multiple times over the‌ past three years said he wished he could have been on the ground to see Trump‌ in person.

“It would be⁢ a sight to see,” the agent said.

Despite not being able to witness Trump’s visit firsthand, the agents expressed their admiration and excitement for his ​presence. Over the past few years, Border Patrol ⁣agents have faced declining morale, exacerbated by the Biden administration’s treatment of⁣ the agency. The agents ‌feel that Biden has unfairly demonized them for enforcing immigration laws passed by Congress.

Trump’s visit⁣ to Shelby ‍Park, a ⁣city land on the border, was a significant event for the agents.‌ Although they were unable to access that part of the border, they have been actively working in the field and processing immigrants in custody. The‌ state has taken charge ‌of apprehending immigrants ‍who illegally cross into the park downtown.

A fifth ‍agent said he would have liked to have seen Trump ⁣visit in December, when illegal immigrant arrests into Eagle Pass topped 2,000 people⁢ per‌ day.

“It would’ve been a bit more meaningful a few ‌months ago but I’m⁤ aware of what ‍his visit is⁣ meant for,” the agent said. “It’s not a bad thing that he’s here. I wish him good luck.”

While some ⁣agents expressed that ⁣Trump’s visit would have ⁤been more ⁢impactful‍ a few months ago, they still recognized the significance of his presence. They understand the purpose behind his ‍visit and⁣ wish him well. However,​ they also emphasize that real change can‌ only happen if Trump is elected to⁣ the White House in⁤ the future.

Overall, Trump’s visit to Eagle Pass ‍brought a⁤ sense of excitement and hope to‍ the Border Patrol agents, who have been tirelessly working through ‌the challenges of⁤ the largest illegal immigration crisis in U.S. ⁤history.


A​ sixth Texas agent said Trump’s visit ‌was ‌meaningful but would be meaningless to agents if the presumed Republican​ presidential nominee does not win in November.

“Whether ‍he’s⁤ here or not he needs to be in the White House to ‍make real change. Obviously, he’s preferred by, I think, most of the patrol. We’ll see what happens,” said the⁢ agent.

One agent emphasized that while Trump’s visit held​ significance,⁤ its impact would be limited if he ⁢does not win the‍ presidency in the upcoming election. The agent believes that Trump’s presence in the ⁣White House is crucial for⁢ bringing⁢ about the desired changes. The majority of the patrol supports Trump and eagerly ⁣awaits the outcome of the election.

How⁢ did‍ the agents perceive Trump’s visit to the border ⁤and what impact did ​it have on their morale?

They ‍were thrilled to know that Trump was⁢ there supporting their efforts. The agents ⁣see Trump as a​ strong advocate for⁣ border ⁣security and immigration ⁢enforcement, ⁤and his visit served as ‍a morale boost for them.

The significance of both Biden and Trump visiting ‍the border ⁣cannot be overlooked.⁢ It ⁢highlights the importance of immigration as a key issue for voters and the ongoing debate surrounding border security. The fact that both presidents deemed it necessary to personally ‌visit the border shows the gravity of the situation and the need for⁤ effective immigration policies.

The agents in Eagle Pass expressed their disappointment at not being able to attend Trump’s visit in person. They were eager to see him and show their support for his⁣ policies. Despite this, they still conveyed ⁣their admiration and excitement for his presence, indicating the impact that Trump has had on the Border Patrol’s⁢ morale.

Border Patrol ⁢agents have faced numerous challenges in recent years, including declining morale, increased criticism, ‌and changing immigration ‌policies. The ⁢Trump administration’s focus on border ‌security and strict immigration enforcement⁢ resonated with the agents, ⁣giving them a sense of purpose and support. The ⁣Biden ⁣administration, on the other hand, has been ‍perceived as being less supportive of the agency, which has further impacted⁤ their morale.

Trump’s visit to Shelby Park, although not directly accessible to‌ the agents, was a ⁢significant event for them. It served⁤ as⁤ a reminder of the importance of their work and the support they had from the former president.‌ The agents continue to face daily challenges in enforcing immigration laws and securing the border,⁤ but Trump’s visit⁤ provided⁢ them with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

In conclusion, Trump’s visit to ‌Eagle Pass, Texas was met with enthusiasm and ‍excitement from⁤ Border Patrol agents in ​the area. His presence symbolized ⁣the⁢ ongoing debate and importance of⁢ immigration and border security. Despite⁤ not being able to witness the⁢ visit firsthand, ⁢the agents expressed ⁤their admiration and support for‍ Trump and his policies. This visit served​ as a morale boost for ⁢the agents, ⁣reminding them of the significance of their work and the ‌support they had from the former⁤ president.

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