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FBI document reveals Burisma leaders allegedly admitted paying $10 million to Joe and Hunter Biden.

An Explosive Revelation: Burisma⁤ Leaders Allegedly Offered $10 Million to⁤ Joe and Hunter Biden

An FBI ⁤document recently made public by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of​ Iowa has brought to light a stunning allegation. According ⁤to the document, a⁢ Ukrainian​ energy ⁣company, Burisma Holdings, was prepared to pay a whopping $5 million each to Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden.

The revelation comes​ from ⁣an official government document called an⁣ FD-1023 form, which contains unverified allegations. The form recounts what a confidential ​human source (CHS) told the FBI about⁢ a meeting with Mykola Zlochevsky, the leader of Burisma Holdings, in 2016 when Joe Biden was vice president and Hunter Biden served on the company’s board.

The document states‌ that during the meeting, Zlochevsky expressed concern about the negative ​impact of an investigation into Burisma by Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. The⁣ CHS informed Zlochevsky that the investigation could harm Burisma’s prospective IPO in the United⁣ States. In‍ response, ‍Zlochevsky allegedly said, “Don’t ⁤worry, ⁤Hunter ⁢will take care of all ​of those issues through his⁤ dad.”

As⁤ the conversation turned ⁣to money, Zlochevsky reportedly laughed at the CHS’s suggestion of $50,000 and stated that it would cost $5⁤ million to pay each Biden. The document clarifies that it was unclear‌ at the​ time⁣ whether these alleged payments ⁢had already been made.

The document also reveals that ⁤Zlochevsky dismissed⁤ Hunter Biden’s intelligence but emphasized the need to keep⁢ him⁣ on the board. The source understood Zlochevsky’s comment to imply that he had already ‍paid the Bidens⁤ to deal with Shokin.

Concerned about the ‍potential international complications of the bribery scheme, the source⁤ warned Zlochevsky ⁤about the consequences. In‍ response,‌ Zlochevsky allegedly said, “Don’t worry, this thing will go⁤ away ‍anyway.”

Sen. Grassley believes that‌ the ‍American public should have access⁤ to this document and its contents. He questions the‌ actions of‌ the Justice Department and FBI in concealing this⁤ information from Congress and the public for so long. Grassley, ‌along with Rep. James Comer,⁣ intends to uncover the truth.

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