Science has found that ‘Body Positivity’ is causing harm and even death.

No, this isn’t ​healthy

What happened: ‌The number of heart disease deaths in the United States linked to⁤ obesity was three‌ times greater in 2020 than​ in 1999—even though overall​ heart disease deaths declined nearly 20 percent during that period—according to a new scientific study.

Why it matters: The alarming scientific findings coincide with the rise of ⁣the left-wing “body positivity” movement, which seeks to achieve social justice by celebrating fatness and ⁢attacking critics for pointing out the enormous health risks associated with obesity.

  • Obesity affects about 115 million Americans, including 42 ⁢percent of adults and 20 percent of‍ children, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

What they’re ‌saying: “Those who glorify obesity, or denounce efforts to reduce it, are dangerous … [and] ⁤have blood on their hands,” wrote journalist Glenn Greenwald.

What‌ it looks⁢ like: Obesity, glorified.

Bottom line: This isn’t ⁤healthy.‌ It is literally killing people. Trust the science.

Go deeper: The Last Frontier of Justice-Oriented⁣ Body ‍Positivity.

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