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Navy’s drag queen represents cultural narcissism, says Bob McManus.

The US Navy’s Unconventional Recruitment Strategy

The US Navy has taken a unique approach to boost recruitment in the face of personnel shortfalls. They have enlisted an active-duty drag queen, Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, as a “digital ambassador” to American youth. While this may seem like a novel approach to a pressing problem, it raises concerns about the type of recruits the Navy may attract.

Is This Approach Effective?

The Navy is facing enlistment deficits numbering in the thousands this year, and they have already lowered recruiting standards to worrisome lows. However, courting cultural discontinuity may not attract the type of sailors that America’s traditionally conservative naval service needs. The drag universe’s compulsive narcissism may yield recruits that the naval service does not want.

The Importance of Unity

A crew lives, works, and trains together to meet potentially existential challenges as a unit. It’s about “we,” not “me,” which is the polar opposite of what animates drag and the national zeitgeist generally. While individualism has its place, it may not be suitable aboard a warship.

The Consequences of Self-Indulgence

While the Navy will likely survive this unconventional recruitment strategy, it may be weakened by it. As tensions grow in the Western Pacific, can the nation afford such self-indulgence? It’s essential to consider the long-term consequences of embracing cultural discontinuity and compulsive narcissism in recruitment strategies.

The Root of the Problem

The Navy’s recruitment deficits are just one symptom of a more significant problem. Most of New York City’s social ills, such as street crime, subway platform-pushing, organized shoplifting gangs, and illegal weed shops, are on the same fundamental spectrum. The city has lost its self-confidence and safety due to activists objecting to enforcement, politicians pandering, and everyday New Yorkers losing their nerve. One thing leads to another, and the consequences can be dire.

  • The Navy’s recruitment strategy raises concerns about the type of recruits they may attract
  • Unity is essential aboard a warship, and individualism may not be suitable
  • Embracing cultural discontinuity and compulsive narcissism may have long-term consequences
  • New York City’s social ills are on the same fundamental spectrum, and one thing leads to another

It’s time to consider the root of the problem and take action to address it before it’s too late.

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