BLOG RIP: Lee Fang fires MSNBC host for high crimes against media and persistent plagiarism.

Mehdi Hasan receives criticism for” dishonest monitoring” and” evil identity-based accusations.”

What happened? Lee Fang lowered the choom on Mehdi Hasan and ripped him a new one.

Who’s Lee Fang? He’s an “independent journalist” who used to write for the Nation and the Intercept. He likes to smoke weed.

Who’s Mehdi Hasan? He’s a fancy British journalist who worked for Al Jazeera before joining MSNBC as a host. He likes to post insufferably on social media.

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Can you explain what happened again in more detail? Sure. In a Substack post published Tuesday, Fang compellingly demonstrated that Hasan is guilty of plagiarism and other crimes against journalism.

Hasan’s’s censure of journalist Matt Taibbi and his comprehensive coverage on the so-called Twitter Files have caused the two to argue for a few days. Hasan accused Hasang of being an Islamophobe after Fang called him a hypocrite.

What did Hasan plagiarize? Among other things, he blatantly plagiarized a 1998 U.S. News & World Report article on spanking, which the British refer to as “smacking” because they’re weird. In 2000, Hasan published a column in the Independent, titled “No Harm in Smacking,” which copied large sections of the 1998 article, “When to Spank,” in some cases word for word.

Yeah, that’s egregious. What else? Fang highlights several other (less blatant) examples of Hasan’s plagiarism. He also compellingly accuses the MSNBC host of “cozying up” to powerful figures and being willing to “bend any principle in the service of his career.”

For instance, Fang describes the incident in 2013 when Hasan called the Daily Mail a” hub of bigotry ,” prompting the British tabloid to disclose his obedient application letter for the position of journalist.

Hasan wrote to the paper’s’s editor in 2010 saying,” I believe the Mail has a profoundly important role to play in the regional debate, and I admire your unwavering focus on the need for integrity and morality in public life, as well as your outspoken defense of faith and Christian tradition, in face of threats from militant skeptics and secularism.”

That’s pretty embarrassing. Yeah.

But MSNBC has a long history of hiring dishonest hacks, don’t they? Indeed they do.

Can I ask another question? Absolutely.

What’s today’s date? It’s April 19.

What about tomorrow? April 20, obviously.

So, 4/20 right? Yes, tomorrow is 4/20.


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