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Support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is plummeting as Americans experience race fatigue, according to a recent poll.

Americans Sour on Black Lives Matter Movement

Americans have soured on the Black Lives Matter street riot movement, according to a recent Pew Research survey. Support for the movement has reached its lowest point since the 2020 death of George Floyd.

White Americans, at 42 percent, are the least likely to support the movement. In comparison, 61 percent of Hispanics, 63 percent of Asians, and an overwhelming 81 percent of black Americans expressed support.

Support for the movement is sharply distinguished between partisan affiliations, with Democrats continuing to back it and Republicans increasingly critical.

Declining Support and Changing Perceptions

Support for the movement has declined the most in age demographics above 30. The American perception of Black Lives Matter has changed considerably since 2022, with a 5 percent decline in support and a 4 percent increase in opposition, according to the poll.

It’s not hard to see why Black Lives Matter support is ebbing. The organization has been the subject of scandals related to its spending, including high-end real estate purchases, and questionable hiring and payment practices that have benefitted its leaders, their families, and their friends.

Meanwhile, it appears to be failing to make the racial climate of the country any better.

A strong majority of Americans polled, 61 percent, said the movement has failed to improve relations between Americans of different races. In addition, 57 percent stated that the movement hadn’t been successful in improving the lives of black Americans, with only 33 percent saying it had.

Consequences and Costs

The aftermath of the riot movement’s peak in 2020 has left many major American cities struggling with both violent and petty crime, often with defunded and depleted police departments unable to ensure the same quality of public safety they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The movement’s effects have imposed a toll on law enforcement’s hiring and retention, with fewer young Americans willing to consider entering a career field in which they’re more likely to be intensely scrutinized than ever before, according to the Marshall Project, an online journalism non-profit.

Estimates of the movement’s costs vary widely, with one figure placing the property damages from riots at more than $1 billion. Many of the movement’s costs have been imposed on black communities in the nation’s cities.

Survey Methodology

According to Pew’s description of the poll’s methodology, it surveyed 5,073 American adults between April 10 and April 16. It had an oversampling of black and Hispanic respondents as well as sexual minorities to get a fuller sample for specific questions.

The margin of error for the full sample of 5,073 respondents is plus or minus 1.7 percentage points.

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