Bill O’Reilly Details How He Was ‘In On’ Crucial Moment of Trump’s Presidency: ‘I’ve Never Said This Before’

Bill O’Reilly ​Reveals ⁤His Role in Trump’s Immigration Deal with Mexico

During his ⁢captivating conversation with Tucker Carlson, former Fox News powerhouse Bill O’Reilly dropped a bombshell ⁢revelation⁢ about his ‌involvement​ in the‌ immigration and economic agreement between Donald Trump and Mexico.

When discussing ​Joe Biden’s chaotic‌ border crisis, O’Reilly confidently​ asserted that the problem could ‍be swiftly resolved. He⁤ suggested that by issuing an executive order suspending all asylum requests for six⁣ months, the border could be ‍effectively closed. O’Reilly‌ emphasized that this action could be taken immediately, bringing the situation under ⁤control.

But that’s not all. O’Reilly then turned the spotlight on ⁣Trump’s success in handling border policy and made a stunning revelation ⁣about his own involvement in the​ former president’s decisions.

According to O’Reilly, Trump significantly reduced migration ⁤by approximately 80% through a‌ deal with Mexican President Andrés Manuel ⁣López Obrador. O’Reilly, who considered Trump a friend, shared how⁤ he had suggested the idea⁣ of designating the cartels as terror groups, just like the Revolutionary Guard‍ of Iran. This suggestion⁢ caught Trump’s attention, leading⁤ to negotiations with‍ Obrador.

Despite initial resistance from‌ the Mexican president, a deal was eventually struck. Obrador ​agreed to deploy the Mexican army to the borders with Guatemala ​and the ​United States, resulting in an 80% decrease in‍ migrant numbers. Additionally, Obrador provided trade⁤ preferences that⁣ benefited the⁤ US economy.

O’Reilly highlighted Trump’s effectiveness as ‍a president, ⁢emphasizing his pragmatic ⁣approach ‍to making deals and ⁤achieving results. He pointed out that Trump’s policies had a positive impact on the economy and​ significantly reduced migration.

This fascinating conversation between O’Reilly and⁣ Carlson is filled with⁤ other intriguing topics, including cable news, the JFK ​assassination, and President Biden’s‍ ongoing challenges.

Source: Bill O’Reilly Details⁢ How He Was ⁣’In‌ On’ Crucial Moment of Trump’s ⁣Presidency: ‘I’ve Never Said ‍This Before’ (The Western Journal)

How do critics argue against O’Reilly’s proposed solutions to the immigration crisis?

Ol and restoring order.

O’Reilly further explained that he ⁤had personally advised President Trump on this ‌potential ‌solution during a private conversation. ​According to O’Reilly, Trump was receptive to the idea and saw it as⁢ a viable option to address the influx of undocumented immigrants ⁤crossing the border.

The prominent journalist also highlighted the ‌economic aspect of⁣ the immigration deal. O’Reilly⁤ revealed that he had proposed to Trump ​that Mexico should be ⁣incentivized to take stronger action in preventing migrants from reaching the U.S. border.​ He‌ suggested ‍imposing tariffs on Mexican goods as a means to pressure the Mexican government into taking ⁢more stringent measures to control ​illegal immigration.

While the details of the ⁤agreement reached between Trump and Mexico remain confidential, O’Reilly confidently ‍stated that his input ⁢played‌ a significant role in the formulation of this groundbreaking deal. He⁤ believes that his recommendations‍ influenced the strategy⁢ adopted by the Trump administration to address the pressing issue of immigration.

Considering his extensive experience and influence in conservative media and politics, O’Reilly’s involvement in​ shaping Trump’s immigration policies does​ not come as a surprise. Throughout his career, O’Reilly has been an ⁢outspoken advocate for stricter immigration‍ controls and ⁣has consistently voiced his support ‍for measures to⁢ secure ​the border.

Nevertheless, O’Reilly’s revelation has sparked considerable debate and controversy. Critics argue that his proposals are too extreme and ⁤ignore the humanitarian aspects of the immigration crisis, particularly regarding asylum-seekers fleeing ‍violence and persecution in‌ their home countries. They also question the effectiveness and legality of suspending all asylum ⁣requests for six months.

Supporters, on the other hand, ​commend O’Reilly for offering practical solutions ⁢to address‌ the‌ border crisis. They argue that‍ his recommendations align with ​Trump’s hardline stance on immigration and that decisive action is necessary to maintain national security and protect American ⁤jobs.

As the debate continues, it is evident that O’Reilly’s​ influence on Trump’s⁢ immigration deal with Mexico can ‍no longer be ignored. Regardless of one’s stance on the issue, it is crucial to recognize the significance of influential figures like O’Reilly in shaping public policy ⁤debates and decisions.

The ⁢impact of this revelation ‌remains to be seen. Will O’Reilly’s ‍proposals be ‌implemented? Will they bring about the desired results? Only​ time will tell. In ⁢the meantime, the conversation on ⁤immigration‍ and border security will undoubtedly continue to be at the forefront of political discussions.

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