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Big spender or deficit cutter? Biden’s mixed message on the budget

President Joe Biden He has highlighted how his budget request could be decreased federal deficits Over a decade, $3 trillion

The president, however, continues to improve his image. Reduce your debt Credentials, his fiscal 2024 budget represents the return to his administration of expensive and extensive spending proposals that were previously blocked before he likely Announces his reelection campaign.


If Congress approves Biden’s budget it will be “a disaster for capital development and formation,” Club for Growth The President, David McIntosh, spoke to the Washington Examiner.

“Exactly the wrong thing as we’re still struggling with inflation and the Federal Reserve still having to raise interest rates,” He said. “If the Biden tax bill, if we waved a wand and suddenly it passed today, it’d be like a knife into the economy and the economic recovery.”

“It would be good if he focused on cutting the spending,” He concluded. “The problem with deficits is that Congress spends too much, not that the economy is flourishing and has capital.”

Bill Hoagland (Bipartisan Policy Center Senior Vice President) emphasized the importance to consider debt in terms of gross national product. According to former Republican Senate budget author and appropriations aide, Biden should aim to reduce deficits by $6-8 trillion in the next decade.

Biden’s Medicare The president is putting forward taxes, but not reducing spending in pitch. Biden seeks to preserve Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, by increasing Medicare’s tax rate for people making more than $400,000 to 5%. The Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will also be protected through savings made under the Inflation Reduction Act’s Prescription Drug Negotiation provisions.

“If the only thing they’re focusing on is increasing taxes, it’s the usual statement we make about budgets from the president at this stage, and that’s it’s pretty much dead on arrival in a Republican Congress,” Hoagland stated. “You’re going to need to reform the Medicare program in such a way that slows the rate of growth, not necessarily to cut the program but to simply slow the rate of growth.”

Biden presented his budget during a campaign-style event held in Pennsylvania. “from the bottom up and middle out” Invest in “all of America,” Included “folks who’ve been forgotten amid the economic upheaval of the past four decades.”

“Not anymore. I promise you I see you,” He said it Thursday at a Philadelphia union Hall. “We’ve got work to do. We’ve made a lot of progress in the first three years. Families a

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