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Biden’s Top 10 Blunders 2022

The verbal miscues are over George W. Bush 20 years ago America Was as prone to mistakes as a president Joe Biden.

The history of slip-ups by The 46th President goes back many decades. Even called himself “self” “a “gaffe machine” Long before the office was taken. As So 2022 was not an exceptional case. Biden Verbal slip-ups almost every day.


Though There are many more than we can list in this short list. Washington Examiner We sifted through and came up with the top 10 Biden The year’s biggest blunders In They are not in any particular order.

“”Repeat the above line.”

The President survived a Failure of major teleprompter He was unaware of the instructions and didn’t follow them in July

“End quote. Continue the line.” He stated this at a White House event.

No. He sYou can find more information atid, “Let me repeat that sentence.

— Emilie Simons (@EmilieSimons46) July 8, 2022

However, it is possible to get a White House Staffer claimed Biden” The damage was done and another mistake went down in history.

“I… have cancer”

During The president also raised eyebrows in the same month He appears to have said he had cancer During a speech Massachusetts.

The The president spoke in Massachusetts To announce $2.3 billion of new funding to combat climate changes, he recounted a childhood story about air pollution.

“It’s the reason I, and so many other people, grew to be who I am today. [with] Have cancer?” Biden said. “Delaware was the country’s highest-ranking cancer state for a long time. But that’s now the past.

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