Biden’s Chief Economic Advisor Won’t Counter Biden’s False Claim Of 19 Million Jobs From Bill

Speaking on CBS’ “Face The Nation” with Margaret Brennan on Sunday, Cecilia Rouse, whom President Biden picked to be the Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, did not counter the false claim made by President Biden that his $2.25 trillion “American Jobs Plan” would be responsible for the creation of 19 million jobs.

Brennan stated, “So inside this jobs bill that the Biden administration is pushing, there’s about $25 billion for building or upgrading child care centers and expanded tax credits to incentivize child care centers being built by private employers. How is this supposed to work?”

“What the jobs plan recognizes is that care is an important part of our infrastructure if workers are going to be able to go back to work,” Rouse answered. “So the idea is to provide incentives for people — for child care centers to be built where there are none, and also for employers to develop their own child care systems so that it makes it that much easier for their workers to be able to drop off their children, know that their children are being well taken care of while they’re able to also work outside the home, and do the kind of work that they find fulfilling or that they want to do.”

“President Biden is throwing around this projection that the entire bill will create about 19 million jobs,” Brennan stated. “What does that number come from? Which industries are going to do that hiring?”

Rouse then avoided contradicting the claim of 19 million anticipated jobs created by the “American Jobs Plan,” saying, “So that’s an estimate from Moody’s Analytics, and it’s — we know that those — those jobs are going to be coming from the — the traditional infrastructure. We can just call it traditional, the roads and bridges. So the pipefitters, the electricians, those who will be paving the roads and building the bridges. But we also know that some of it’s going to be coming from research and development. So the scientists and engineers will be thinking through the innovations that will ensure that our economy is being, you know, is being smart and is developing solutions to the knotty problems that we need to solve if we’re going to really address climate change and be prepared to, you know, continue to flourish as we go forward. But now that men and women are in the labor force, we need for our loved ones to be taken care of. Otherwise, women cannot go to work, as this pandemic has highlighted.”

Brennan pointed out, “That Moody’s analysis says, though, in terms of jobs with the infrastructure plan, the economy recovers the jobs lost in the pandemic by early 2023. But it’s not much different than without the plan.”

Noah Williams, an economics professor at the University of Wisconsin, took issue with Biden’s claim that his bill would create 19 million jobs, stating, “Biden’s claim of ‘19 million jobs created’ by his infrastructure plan is false. In the Moody’s analysis it’s based on (which has its own problems) employment would increase 16.3 million by 2030 without the plan. The plan would add another 2.6 million jobs.” He added, “By the same logic, my plan to have a cup of coffee every day will create 16.3 new million jobs.”

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