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Biden ends WH Christmas stockings for grandkids after controversy

Bidens Cancel WH Christmas Stockings ‌for All Grandkids After Two Years of Controversy

At the Joe Biden White, Christmas stockings for the‍ grandkids⁢ are an all-or-nothing deal.

And now⁣ that ‍the president and first lady have been forced to acknowledge a now-5-year-old girl in‍ Arkansas as‍ the daughter of first‌ son Hunter ⁢Biden, they’ve clearly decided the answer this year is “nothing.”

And they’ve got a cover story to back⁢ it up not even Democrats will believe.

As the U.K. Daily Mail reported Monday, ‌when the White House unveils its Christmas decorations to the public, one ‍very noticeable feature is going to be missing:

In the past two years, six stockings have hung on a fireplace mantle representing the six ⁣grandchildren ⁢the couple would publicly ​acknowledge. The ⁢seventh grandchild, the ⁢daughter of‍ Hunter Biden and⁢ a former⁣ lover, went ignored.

The ⁤same thing happened in 2021. Six stockings for six grandchildren. A seventh grandchild didn’t exist.

Something is different this year, though. In‌ July, after years of pretending there⁤ was no such person as Navy Joan Roberts, or if there‌ was, it was no concern of ‍theirs, Joe and Jill were ⁢ forced to acknowledge that, by golly, that scamp Hunter ⁣really had gone and sown his wild⁢ oats in a different ‍pasture.

(At the time, more than three ​years had passed since a DNA‌ test had proven Hunter’s paternity. ⁤It apparently took a series of unmanly, embarrassingly public ⁤ arguments from Hunter during ‍his battle over child ⁤support for‌ the girl to finally break the⁢ dam.)

The Bidens mostly got a pass on that as they always do from ⁣the establishment‌ media,‌ but Christmas was still ​coming — and‍ anyone in the country who follows the news knew the Christmas stocking saga ​was returning, too.

So, what’s a⁢ Biden to do?

Head out of town, naturally.

“The family will be spending Christmas ​at ‍Camp David and their ‌family stockings will be there,”‌ a rep told ‍the Daily Mail.

Of course,⁣ that’s the‌ answer. After spending‍ Dec. 25‌ at the White House for 2021 and 2022, the Bidens just happen to ⁢be leaving this year — the⁢ first Christmas after they basically admitted to the world that​ they’ve been deliberately lying about having “six”⁢ grandchildren.

Not even Democrats are gullible⁣ enough‌ to believe that Hunter’s child-support trial had nothing to ⁢do with that decision ‌— not even the‌ Biden sycophants in ‌the establishment media and “The View.”

What isn’t ⁣publicly known now — and might never be — is‌ whether the Bidens will have a Christmas stocking for Navy Joan ‍at their Camp David ⁤gathering.

That’s also irrelevant.

What the ⁢Bidens have done for years has ⁣been cruel —⁤ publicly denying a young girl’s kinship simply because it would ⁣be ⁣politically inconvenient.

What they’re doing now is cruel in ‌its⁤ own way.

It’s a rock-solid ⁢bet they’re decamping from the White House to save face ⁤— to provide exactly this excuse not to ‍hang⁤ a stocking publicly⁢ for their seventh grandchild.

But ⁣even if they’re not, the perception is there, and unavoidable. If they ‌truly gave a damn about ⁣the girl, or their own reputation ‌as⁣ even‌ remotely decent human ​beings, they’d hang the⁣ seven stockings out ‌just to‌ show the world that they’d seen the error of their ways and⁤ were willing to acknowledge‌ the⁣ girl as their own blood.

That would show maturity, respect and a fair amount of class.

You’d have better luck finding grandkids’ ⁣Christmas stockings at the White House ‌this ‍year.

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What was the reason behind the Bidens’ decision to cancel the ⁣White House Christmas⁣ stockings for their grandchildren?

Bidens Cancel WH Christmas Stockings for All Grandkids After Two Years ⁢of Controversy

The White⁣ House Christmas ​stockings for the grandkids have always been a topic ​of ⁤speculation and controversy during the⁣ Biden administration. However, this⁤ year, the Bidens have made a surprising decision -​ there will be no stockings for the grandchildren.

The reason behind ‍this decision can be traced back to the acknowledgment of a now-5-year-old girl⁢ in​ Arkansas ⁣as the daughter ​of Hunter Biden. This revelation has compelled⁢ the president and first lady to opt ‍for a complete ⁣absence of Christmas stockings this year.

The Daily Mail reported on⁤ Monday that the⁢ White‍ House Christmas decorations will be missing one very​ noticeable feature – stockings for the ‍grandchildren. In the past two years, six stockings have hung on the ⁤fireplace mantle, symbolizing​ the acknowledged grandchildren. However, the seventh grandchild, ⁣the daughter ⁢of ​Hunter Biden and a former lover,⁤ has always been ignored.

This​ isn’t⁢ the first time such a situation has arisen. In ​2021, the‌ same scenario​ occurred, where six stockings were displayed for the six⁢ grandchildren, neglecting the existence of the seventh‍ grandchild.

However, there is a significant difference⁢ this year. In July, after long years of pretending​ that a person named ‌Navy ‌Joan Roberts ⁢didn’t exist, or if she ‍did, she was of no concern to them, Joe and Jill Biden were‍ forced to admit that she was indeed Hunter Biden’s⁢ daughter. Hunter had managed to ⁣father the child during an extramarital affair.

Although‌ the establishment media ⁤tried to downplay this revelation, the Christmas stocking saga ⁤was ⁣still on the horizon. The Bidens knew‌ that the public ​was eagerly awaiting their response ‌to this situation.

And what ‌did they‍ do? They decided to go out of town. ‌”The family will be spending Christmas at Camp David, and their family stockings​ will ‍be there,”‌ a representative informed the Daily Mail.

Of course, this was the perfect solution for them. After​ spending Christmas at the White House for the past​ two years,‌ the​ Bidens conveniently decided ⁣to leave this year. This ⁢was the first Christmas after they had essentially confessed to deliberately lying about the number of grandchildren they⁤ had.

Even the most die-hard Democrats cannot be gullible enough to believe that Hunter’s child-support trial ‍had nothing ⁣to do with this decision. The Bidens’ departure from the White ‍House on ‌Christmas reflects‌ their ⁣attempts to distance themselves ⁣from the ‍controversy surrounding their family.

It is disappointing to witness a lack of transparency and ⁢honesty‍ from the first family,⁤ especially during the⁣ holiday season. The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings‍ represents the joy and love shared within a family, and⁤ the Bidens’ decision​ only serves⁢ to ⁤dampen‍ the festive ⁣spirit.

As they head off to Camp David, the public⁣ will be left pondering the political implications of the Bidens’ actions. ‌The absence of stockings for the grandchildren will undoubtedly continue ⁣to generate debate and speculation among the American people.

At a time when unity and trust are crucial,‍ the Bidens’ decision to cancel the White House Christmas stockings for their grandchildren only deepens the existing divisions and erodes the public’s faith in their leadership.

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