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Biden’s funds funneled via Education Dept. to sway probable Biden supporters

The Department of Education (DOE) has unveiled an ‌exciting “toolkit” outlining its strategy to utilize‌ taxpayer funds in order to mobilize young voters who are⁣ more likely to support ⁣the Democratic party.

The ⁢Biden administration is​ determined to leverage federal agencies and their resources to ‌implement a “get-out-the-vote” initiative that seems ​tailored⁤ to enhance the president’s chances of reelection.

Shortly after taking office, ⁤President Biden signed Executive Order 14019. This order, as explained by Tarren Bragdon, President of the Foundation for Government Accountability, in a 2022 column for The Federalist, “instructs all federal agencies to collaborate with select third-party organizations approved by the White House to increase voter⁢ registration and turnout.”

The‌ DOE is ‌now utilizing these “Bidenbucks”⁢ to establish voter recruitment and indoctrination activities.

“Our education system plays a critical role in promoting and supporting participation for all students in the electoral process – from providing civic education during⁤ a student’s elementary and​ secondary school years to facilitating the voting process during a student’s postsecondary education,” wrote DOE Secretary Miguel Cardona.

Part of the plan involves encouraging colleges and universities to find additional ways‌ to communicate with students and motivate them to register. They are also forming a broad⁢ coalition of interest groups to participate in voter registration efforts. According to Tufts University, over 60% of voters aged 18-29 voted⁤ for Biden in⁣ 2020.

Columbia College Chicago has already taken the initiative to register students and encourage them to vote. Their efforts resulted in a 72% student voter ‍turnout in the 2020 election, slightly higher than the national average of 67%. It is worth noting that Columbia College Chicago primarily attracts left-leaning ⁢students, according to Niche. Notably absent are student groups representing politically conservative interests.

The DOE‌ guidance ​also suggests that colleges and universities provide​ drop ⁤box locations and early voting sites for students.⁢

But the⁣ administration’s ‍efforts to mobilize young voters extend beyond college-aged students. They are now using taxpayer dollars to target even 5-year-olds who are just beginning to learn the alphabet!

Bidenbucks in the⁢ Kindergarten‍ Classroom

The DOE suggests that K-12 schools create opportunities for students to learn about our government ⁢and how they can participate, both ​in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.

One of the “resources” ⁣provided by⁣ the DOE for increasing civic engagement directs to a Tufts University page that⁤ emphasizes teaching kids about so-called disinformation as a crucial aspect of civic education.

Tufts’ Center for Information and‌ Research on Civic Learning and Engagement states, “Media literacy education teaches critical​ civic skills at a time when overwhelming amounts of content and rampant disinformation characterize the media landscape,” citing the “Covid-19 pandemic.”

The media and the ⁣left have actively censored ⁢and⁣ attacked ⁣anyone who questioned ‌the origins ‍of the virus, the effectiveness of masks, or advocated for⁢ in-person learning. Such‍ speech was labeled‌ as mis- and disinformation. Concerns about students losing valuable classroom time were dismissed,‌ with the American Federation ⁤of Teachers (AFT), one of the largest teacher unions, donating $1 million to the left-wing Senate Majority PAC in 2021 after Democrats voted against reopening‌ public‌ schools.

The DOE’s toolkit also suggests‌ that schools assist students‌ under‌ 18 in registering to ⁣vote, where permitted​ by state law.

Meanwhile, the two⁤ largest teacher’s unions, the AFT and the National Education Association (NEA), have made significant donations‍ to left-wing groups and organizations. The ⁣NEA and AFT actively targeted conservatives in 2022, with the NEA labeling parents who spoke out against critical race theory as⁣ “extremists” and promoting literature ‌about kneeling during the national anthem.

This is ‌not the first time the DOE has engaged in political interference. ‍In 2021, the National School Boards Association sent a letter⁣ to the Biden administration‍ urging​ the investigation of protesting parents as “domestic terrorists.” It was later revealed that Secretary Cardona‍ instigated the letter.


What⁣ are the⁤ arguments for and ⁣against‌ teaching students about the democratic process and civic engagement at a young age

About voting and encourages them to participate in mock ⁢elections.⁢ The page ​includes lesson plans, activities, and resources for teachers to use in their ⁣classrooms.

While it is important to educate young students about the democratic process, some critics argue that introducing the topic of voting at such a young age‌ may be an attempt to influence their political ⁢beliefs and align them with a specific party.

Furthermore, the use of taxpayer funds to promote political agendas raises⁢ concerns about ethical ⁣and legal boundaries. Should taxpayer dollars be used to fund initiatives that potentially sway the political beliefs of young students?

Opponents argue that schools should remain neutral when it comes to politics and focus on providing a well-rounded education that ​encourages critical thinking ⁤and‌ independent‍ thought. They believe that introducing political biases at⁣ a young age may hinder students’​ ability‍ to form their​ own opinions and make informed decisions ⁢in the future.

Proponents, on the ​other hand, argue that teaching students⁤ about the democratic process and civic engagement ​is essential for creating an informed and active citizenry. They believe ​that starting early will foster ⁣a sense ​of responsibility and encourage young⁤ people to become active participants in ⁢their communities.

Ultimately, the question⁤ remains:⁢ should taxpayer funds‍ be used to mobilize young voters and ‍potentially sway their political beliefs? The ​answer‍ may vary depending on one’s ‌perspective and beliefs about the role of schools in shaping political ⁤opinions.

As the Biden administration continues to implement its “get-out-the-vote” initiative, the debate surrounding ‍the use of taxpayer​ funds for political purposes is likely to intensify. ‍It is important for policymakers, educators, and ‍citizens ​to engage in thoughtful and informed discussions about this issue to ensure that our educational system remains fair, unbiased, and focused on providing a well-rounded education for all students.

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