Biden Administration: Military’s Duty to Fund Abortions

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The White House has declared abortion⁢ a “sacred ⁣obligation” of the military.

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National Security‌ spokesman John Kirby made the comments during ‌a ⁤Monday press briefing, ⁣where he claimed⁤ individuals‍ who⁣ serve ‍in​ the military have a⁤ right to ⁣federal funding for abortion.⁤ The remarks came in⁣ response to a question‌ from RealClearPolitics reporter Phil Wegmann, who pressed ‍Kirby on the administration’s criticism of‌ Rep. Tommy Tuberville,⁢ R-Ala., for holding up​ military ⁣promotions over aggressive‌ far-left social⁤ policy. In⁣ February,‍ Defense‍ Secretary‌ Lloyd⁤ Austin announced the Pentagon would‌ cover ⁤up to three‍ weeks of‌ paid ⁣leave⁤ and travel for U.S. military personnel and ​their ‌families for abortions.

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Tuberville has ‍followed‌ through​ on his pledge to‌ place a hold on Department ⁣of ‍Defense nominees‌ if​ the‍ new ‌policy ⁣were put ‌in‌ place. President Joe Biden​ condemned the⁣ Alabama lawmaker’s use of ‌checks and ⁤balances to preserve ⁣prohibitions on⁢ federal funding for ⁢abortion as ⁣“irresponsible.”

“Why is the‍ new DOD ⁣policy on abortion⁤ critical to military readiness?” Wegmann ‌asked Monday.

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Kirby responded by defending the Pentagon’s promotion of‍ abortion​ as a ‌“sacred obligation”⁢ that the federal⁤ government has to “female service members” and “transgender individuals who qualify.”

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When you ​sign ⁤up and make ⁤that contract, ⁤you have every ⁣right ‍to ⁤expect ‍that⁣ the ⁤organization, in​ this ‌case,‌ the military, is going to take ⁤care of ‌you and your family and make sure‌ you‍ can ‌serve⁢ with ⁤dignity and respect, no matter who ‌you ​are ‍or ‍who‍ you ‍love ⁤or ⁢how you worship or​ don’t. ⁤And our policies, whether⁤ they‍ are ‍diversity, inclusion, and equity, whether they’re about ​transgender individuals who qualify,⁤ physically ​and mentally to⁣ serve, to ⁢be able to do it ‌with dignity, or‍ whether⁣ it is about female ⁢service members,‌ 1 ​in ‍5, or‍ female family members⁢ being ⁤able to ⁣count on⁤ the ‍kinds ‌of ‌health care, ⁣reproductive⁤ care ‌specifically,‍ that‌ they need ⁣to ‌serve, that is‍ a foundational‍ sacred obligation of military ⁢leaders across ‍the river.

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.@PhilipWegmann:​ The WH ⁣”has been critical‍ of Sen. Tuberville‍ w/his holds​ on ⁢military promotions…[W]hy is the⁢ new‍ DoD ⁢policy on abortion critical to military readiness?”

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Kirby says female⁤ and​ “transgender⁣ individuals” “have⁢ every right”⁤ to be “take[n] ‍care of”‌

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The⁣ military’s⁤ embrace ⁢of far-left social activism,​ ranging from ‍benefits⁣ for abortion-on-demand⁣ to radical accommodation for trans-identified ⁢service‍ members, has‌ jeopardized military⁢ readiness⁤ and⁤ driven ⁤recruitment ⁢levels to dangerous lows. One ⁢of‌ President ‍Biden’s‍ first ​executive orders reversed ⁢President ‌Donald ‍Trump’s policy that ⁤people “with a ‌history or ‌diagnosis of gender dysphoria ‌—​ individuals who the policies state‌ may⁢ require substantial medical ‍treatment, including⁤ medications and surgery”⁢ — ‌were ⁢disqualified from the military.

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House Republicans broke⁤ down for a‌ reporter last week how transgender pandering by⁣ the Pentagon ⁤interfered ‌with military⁢ vigilance. ‌Rep. ⁢Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, ⁤explained how ‍the⁤ admission of trans-identified soldiers can require⁤ more⁣ than a​ year ‍of medical interventions that slow down‍ deployment.

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“If you‌ bring⁤ people⁢ in and you start this process, it takes months, months, and months, well ⁤over a year before ⁢you guys‍ do the ⁤hormone transition, before⁢ you get the‌ gender reassignment ​surgeries and⁢ all the stuff,” Jackson said.‍ “During​ this entire time, ‌these individuals‌ are not ⁤deployable. They’re ​not deployable,​ so ⁤someone⁤ else ‌is going to do a second deployment in their place during this​ process. That’s not fair to the ‍other members of the ​military.”

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