Report: Biden plans to construct housing for undocumented immigrants at the border.

President Joe ⁤Biden Seeks Housing Program for Illegal Immigrants at⁣ Southern​ Border

The Biden administration is pushing ‌for Congress to ⁢approve a housing program for illegal immigrants at the southern border as part of its $40 billion emergency funding ⁤request. This program would provide housing for illegal immigrants, ​allowing them ⁣to ⁣come and go as they please while going through an expedited legal process.

“We do not view ⁣this as family detention,”⁣ said a DHS official.

The proposed housing program aims to keep track of illegal immigrants ⁣without placing them in detention facilities, alleviating some of​ the burden on ​overwhelmed migrant shelters ⁤near the border. After ending ‌the practice of holding⁢ illegal immigrants⁢ in detention ‌facilities in 2021, ‌Immigration and⁤ Customs Enforcement (ICE) has⁣ relied on ⁢GPS monitoring and phone ⁣check-ins to keep tabs on​ those seeking asylum.

Under Biden’s ⁤plan, illegal immigrants would have the freedom to ‍leave during the day but would need to check in⁣ and ⁤stay at the housing facility overnight.

Reversal on Detention Policy

Earlier⁤ this year, President ​Biden⁢ faced criticism from the Left when⁤ he considered returning to detaining illegal immigrant families, a policy he ⁣had‍ strongly condemned under former President Donald Trump. This​ apparent reversal​ came after the expiration of ​Title ⁣42, a⁤ Trump-era public health⁣ order ⁣that ⁢required illegal immigrants to wait in Mexico for​ their asylum claims due to the COVID pandemic.

Border Crisis ‍Continues

Despite celebrating a brief decrease⁣ in illegal immigrant apprehensions in ‍June, the Biden administration saw a ⁣30% surge in July, indicating‌ that the border crisis is far from under control. U.S. ‍Customs and Border‍ Protection arrested just ⁣under 100,000 ‍illegal immigrants in June, which rose ⁢to over 130,000 in ​July. ​In⁤ the Tucson sector alone,⁣ agents arrested around 40,000 illegal immigrants ‍in July, setting ⁣a 15-year⁤ record for the sector.

Biden’s $40 billion emergency spending ‍request includes $4 billion to address the border crisis, which is significantly less ⁤than the $20 billion‌ requested for Ukraine.


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