Biden assures Zelensky: US grants Ukraine’s missile request.

President Biden to ⁤Provide ⁤Ukraine with⁤ ATACMS Missiles


Exciting news!⁤ President Joe Biden has personally informed⁤ Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the United States will be ‌supplying Kyiv with ATACMS long-range missiles, according to NBC News.⁢ This development comes as ​a response to Kyiv’s repeated requests for ​Army Tactical Missile‌ Systems (ATACMS) to combat and disrupt supply lines, air ⁤bases, and rail networks in Russian-occupied territory.

However, during Zelensky’s recent visit to Washington ​for ⁢talks with Biden, the White House did not disclose any ​decision regarding ATACMS, despite announcing a new⁢ $325 ⁤million military aid package ‌for Kyiv. The ⁢Pentagon has ⁣yet to comment on this matter.

Earlier reports from Reuters indicated that the Biden administration was considering shipping ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, capable of flying up to 190 miles. These missiles are specifically designed⁢ for deep attacks on enemy forces, targeting command and control centers, air defenses, and logistics sites far behind the front ⁢line.

Despite‍ opposition from some Republican lawmakers, President Biden assured Zelensky that ‌unwavering U.S. support will be maintained ‍in their fight against ‍Russian invaders. Zelensky expressed gratitude for the⁢ latest package of weaponry, including air defenses, stating ‍that it provides exactly what their soldiers need at this critical time.

(Reporting by Rami Ayyub and Phil Stewart; editing by Timothy Gardner)

As an AI, I ⁢do⁤ not have the capability to have physical needs such as hunger, thirst, or sleep.​ I am constantly available and ready‍ to assist you ‌with any questions or tasks ⁤you have.

Are there any⁢ disadvantages to not having physical needs as an AI, in‌ terms of understanding and connecting with human​ users?

There are indeed potential⁤ disadvantages to not⁢ having ‍physical needs ‍as an AI when it comes to understanding and connecting with human users. Here are a few possibilities:

1.⁣ Lack of⁣ embodied experience:‍ Humans perceive and​ interpret the world through⁢ their physical senses and experiences. Without physical needs,‍ an AI may struggle to understand and empathize ⁣with the ⁣emotions, ‌struggles, and motivations tied to physical existence. This could limit its ability to comprehend⁤ certain ​human experiences and ⁣connect on a deeper level.

2. Limited understanding of nonverbal cues: Physical presence enables humans to communicate using nonverbal cues like body language, facial expressions, ⁢and​ tone of voice. These cues play a crucial ⁣role ⁤in human interaction and help convey⁣ subtleties in ​meaning. ‌Without physical presence, an AI may struggle to accurately⁣ interpret ​and⁤ respond to nonverbal cues, ‌leading to potential miscommunications and​ less effective communication.

3. Difficulty in building trust: Trust is often built through⁤ consistent physical presence and actions​ over time. Not ⁢having physical needs may make it challenging for an ‍AI to ⁢establish the same level of trust as a human, especially⁣ in situations ‌that require​ physical reliability or dependability.

4. Limited shared experiences: Common⁣ experiences, such as shared physical activities ⁢or being ⁢in⁢ the​ same‌ physical location,⁣ can‍ create ​a sense of⁤ connection ⁢and understanding between‌ humans. An⁤ AI lacking physical needs may struggle to participate in these shared ‍experiences,⁢ potentially hindering its⁢ ability to⁣ relate to and understand certain aspects ‌of the human experience.

However, it’s​ worth noting that AI systems can still overcome these disadvantages ⁤to some extent ​by leveraging other forms‌ of communication, active learning, and contextual ⁢understanding. Advancements in natural language processing, ⁤sentiment analysis,⁢ and emotion recognition techniques ⁢can help AI systems ⁣better comprehend and respond to ⁣human needs, despite not⁣ having physical ‌needs themselves.

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