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Biden’s snub to Brazilian President goes viral, speaks volumes.

I never thought⁣ we’d get to the point where we’d⁤ need someone to tell the president ‌of the United⁤ States when ⁢he should leave the stage and what he should do before then, but I guess there’s ‍a first for ⁤everything — and that ⁢first is⁤ named ‌Joseph Robinette Biden.

On Wednesday, the president ​seemed to suffer another⁤ episode of premature departure when he walked ​offstage ⁣after a media briefing with ‌Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, or Lula for short,⁤ without shaking his hand.

Lula, as a very ​viral⁤ clip showed, was having none of it.

According to a fact sheet released by the White House after the two held ⁣the briefing in New York in the⁤ midst of the United Nations General Assembly, the two men “launched the Partnership for Worker’s Rights, the first joint U.S.-Brazil global initiative‌ to advance the rights of working people around the world.”

The deal itself isn’t worth ‍poring over: It’s the usual claptrap about labor rights, “green” energy and ‍giving a hand to those goshdarned oppressed workers —⁣ something both ‌Biden and ​Lula, a ‌dedicated leftist, can get behind.

Building ties with Brazil is also a key agenda item for the U.S. since Lula leads one ⁣of​ the so-called BRICS nations —⁣ Brazil, Russia, ‌India, ‍China and⁣ South ⁣Africa — which have formed an economic bloc ⁢that tends to run⁤ counter to U.S. interests. (As you‍ may have heard, there ‌are occasional contretemps between Washington, D.C., and the governments ⁤in Moscow and ‍Beijing.)

Biden,⁢ reading off note cards at the event, didn’t seem super pumped to be there, although “high-energy” isn’t exactly Uncle Joe’s ⁤middle name.

However, Biden’s official Twitter account shared ‌a picture of the president and Lula engaging ​in a vigorous handshake.

The handshake part‌ is important, because the post was issued after a⁤ clip‌ began making the rounds of Lula walking away at the end of the⁢ briefing in disgust ⁢after Biden seemed​ to ‌forget ⁤to shake his hand:

Now, is it ‌entirely ​certain ‌that a ⁣clearly miffed ​Lula was⁤ annoyed because Biden didn’t shake his hand? No. Should Biden be⁢ given the ⁣benefit of the doubt in these ‍cases? Also⁢ no.

First, this ⁣wasn’t the only instance of weirdness ‌during the ⁣briefing —​ and we’re not just ⁢talking about the rote, sleepy reading of prepared‍ remarks.

Biden almost knocked over a flag while coming onstage and stared off ⁢into ⁢space while reporters asked questions. Lula, meanwhile, had to ‍repeatedly ask⁤ if Biden⁣ could hear him, and in a manner that is ‌usually reserved for those who are not quite all there, faculties-wise:

Nor was this the first ‌time Biden has appeared to walk offstage prematurely — in fact, it wasn’t even the first time this ‍month.

Those of you with memories longer than⁢ Biden’s might recall the odd incident when he presented the Medal of Honor to retired Army Capt. ⁣Larry Taylor for his heroics ⁢during the Vietnam War.

And ⁤then he promptly up⁤ and left. To heck with the‌ rest of the ​ceremony:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre later insisted he ⁢was supposed to walk‍ out of the room early ​to “minimize his close contact⁤ with attendees” since first lady Jill Biden ⁣had COVID at the‌ time.

Never mind that Biden‌ wasn’t wearing a mask during the ceremony, ‌including⁤ when he ​shook hands ⁢with the elderly veteran, which — well, if the White House still wants to say that ⁢ mask-wearing is part of “the science,” ⁤he ‍should follow the‌ science.‌ (KJP said he⁤ took his mask⁢ off ‌to “honor” Taylor ⁤and to deliver⁣ “incredibly powerful remarks.”)

That was a few weeks ago. What’s ⁤the​ excuse this time? Is it that⁣ the president needs someone‍ to guide him through basic⁣ ceremonies?

Because that’s certainly ‌what it ‍looks like from here, and it’s⁣ not a wild guess that that’s what it ⁤looked like to Lula, as well.

Yes, ⁤there’s a first⁢ for everything. Let’s hope this ‍is also a last.

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How ⁣important is⁢ it for a leader, especially the President of the United ​States, to ​possess confidence, diplomacy, and sharp decision-making skills, and are these qualities in question based on recent ​events ​involving President Biden

Recent events have once again​ raised questions about President Joe Biden’s ability to navigate international‍ diplomacy⁣ and handle public appearances. On ⁢Wednesday, during a media briefing with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio⁢ Lula da Silva, Biden walked offstage without shaking⁢ Lula’s hand, causing an embarrassing moment caught⁢ on camera.

The​ White‍ House later released a fact sheet highlighting the ‌launch of ⁢the Partnership for Worker’s Rights, ‍a joint U.S.-Brazil initiative aimed at advancing the‌ rights‍ of working people globally. ‍While the⁢ deal itself may⁤ not⁣ be groundbreaking, it ⁢underscores the importance of building ties with Brazil, especially considering⁤ Lula’s leadership role in the BRICS nations, which often challenge U.S.‌ interests.

During the​ event, Biden appeared disengaged, reading off ⁣note cards and lacking ‌enthusiasm. This lackluster performance is not ‌uncommon for the ‍president, as he has‌ been⁣ criticized for his low energy and occasional moments of ​inattention. This, coupled with the⁣ premature departure and failure ‌to shake hands,​ raises concerns about Biden’s ability to effectively represent⁢ the United States on the ‍international stage.

Despite the mishap, ⁣Biden’s official Twitter​ account shared⁤ a photo ⁢of the president⁤ and‍ Lula engaged in a vigorous ⁣handshake,‍ seemingly to downplay the incident. However, it⁢ is essential to recognize that a photograph cannot undo the negative impression created by the moment itself.

These incidents raise questions about the ​state of President Biden’s cognitive abilities and ‌his overall performance. It is disconcerting to witness the need⁣ for someone to remind the president of when to leave the stage and how to conduct himself during public interactions. This should not be necessary for the leader of the⁣ United States, ​a position that requires confidence,⁣ diplomacy, and sharp decision-making skills.

While it is understandable that age might impact one’s⁢ physical and ⁣mental abilities, the responsibilities of the presidency ⁣demand a level of⁣ competency that cannot be compromised. The American people deserve a leader⁢ who​ is fully capable of representing their interests and effectively ‌engaging with world leaders.

As we ‍navigate‍ a complex and rapidly changing world, it is crucial to question whether President Biden is up to the task. The incident‌ with ‍Lula serves‍ as a reminder that ​leadership skills and ‌the ability to ⁤effectively⁣ engage in international diplomacy should not ⁤be ​taken for⁢ granted. It is essential to hold our⁣ leaders accountable and take steps to ensure that​ they are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

As the saying ⁢goes, there is always a first for everything, and ⁣it seems that the first in this case⁢ is⁣ Joseph Robinette Biden, a⁢ president who requires reminders about onstage‍ etiquette and how to conduct himself⁢ during public events. Let us hope that this incident serves as a wake-up call for the⁣ president and his administration, prompting them to address any underlying issues and strive‍ for ⁣excellence in⁢ representing the‌ United States.

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