Biden Snubbed America’s Heroes on Veteran’s Day

President Joe Biden’s priority this Veterans Day wasn’t recognizing veterans.

Biden was instead speaking at the United Nations’ COP27 climate change conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

You can see the entirety of his comments below:

[embedded content]


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Biden opted to give that above speech precedence, as he skipped the annual Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for the international climate conference.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the event instead.

Was the move disrespectful to veterans?

Yes: 99% (2948 Votes)

No: 1% (43 Votes)

Granted, Biden did speak at Arlington National Cemetery to mark Veterans Day last year.

It’s expected that Presidents engage in public events to recognize veterans on the federal holiday. President Donald Trump visited Arlington multiple times as President.

Trump went on to express regret for missing one Arlington Veterans Day ceremony in 2018, although he had spoken at a World War I commemoration event in France instead.

Trump also arranged a Veterans Day event while he was overseas in 2017.

President Barack Obama spoke at the federal military cemetery in 2016 to recognize veterans — just days after  Trump won an election that his party lost.


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Biden did refer to veterans at the beginning of his Egypt climate speech before pivoting to his green agenda.

The president did single out one veteran — his climate envoy John Kerry.

Granted, Kerry is a decorated Vietnam veteran, but there’s something a bit off about highlighting one veteran who happens to be a member of your own administration.

Not to mention that referring to any individual service member as “one of the most decorated men to fight” would appear over the top to many highly decorated service members.

Biden has slighted veterans and service members before.

The President was caught checking his watch during a ceremony in which the bodies of deceased service members were being returned from Afghanistan, according to the New York Post.


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