Biden signs 9 bills on improving veteran care

President Joe Biden arrives to speak and sign into law nine bipartisan bills that will honor and improve care for America’s veterans during an event in the State Dining room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, June 7, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

UPDATED 7:37 AM PT – Wednesday, June 8, 2022

President Joe Biden signed nine bills into law helping veterans. However, some are still criticizing him for past grievances. This comes as both sides of the aisle are in agreement when it comes to helping veterans.

Biden signed the legislation into law Tuesday to honor and improve care for veterans. some of the bills seek to provide better access to mammograms for veterans exposed to burn pits, improve breast imaging services. . and to compensate veterans who have developed cancer or medical conditions from World War II-era nuclear programs. Additionally, the President said they are focused on veterans future.

“We’re going to strengthen the oversight of the VA’s activities so veterans get the care they deserve,” Biden stated. “And restoring educational systems benefits so veterans displaced by COVID-19 can continue to gain new skills to meet the demands and change in the workforce.”

However, Army combat veteran and Florida congressional candidate Cory Mills slammed the administration on Tuesday for failing to show respect for veterans in the past.

“This is the same guy who wouldn’t even recognize the 13 fallen who died in Afghanistan and perished during his State of the Union address,” said Mills. “He has missed multiple engagements to actually try and show sympathy or show honor, show respect for our fallen heroes and he’s failed to do so.”

Biden was also criticized for acknowledging D-Day late.

“We had 150,000 brave Americans who actually landed on the shores to try and take back and fight against the axis of evil,” said Mills. “That 150,000 was considered to be an invasion? We have just in the last couple of months, over 150,000 who have crossed our borders, but the Biden administration still refuses to call that an invasion. The Biden administration is failing us in every single way and what a gaffe to not actually recognize the greatest generation of our lifetimes.”

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