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Biden shares odd story about notes from Jill: ‘Stop trying to make me love you’

While hosting a reception in honor of Women’s History Month at the White House on Wednesday, President Joe Biden explained that first lady Jill Biden writes messages on his bathroom mirror for him to read while he shaves.

Biden shared one of Jill’s funny notes, which read, “Stop trying to make me love you,” he said while delivering a laugh to everyone. “What the hell?” he continued. “I’m still trying like hell.”

When the laughter subsided, Biden went back to his prepared remarks, thanking Congresswomen for their help in passing laws that change the world for better. Biden introduced himself as Jill Biden’s husband and praised her achievements. Jill Biden is the first lady to work full-time in addition to being the first lady as a professor. The president also highlighted the gender equality represented in his Cabinet and the appointment of the first black woman to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, under his leadership.

During the reception, Vice President Kamala Harris praised Biden, saying, “You can judge a strong man when he has strong women around him.”

Biden committed to remaining focused on the economic security and well-being of women. “We have to recommit to the work ahead to deliver a better future for our nation’s daughters,” Biden said.

Also during the reception, the president highlighted the White House event where its “International Women of Courage Award” was presented to a biological male politician from Argentina who identifies as a transgender woman.


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