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Biden vows ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ despite Sowell’s earlier warning.

Few figures in conservativism are more ⁣revered than Thomas Sowell

A free-market economist, social theorist and philosopher, Sowell’s work has spanned⁢ decades and influenced generations.

Sowell wrote a⁤ nationally syndicated column, authored dozens of books and dazzled television audiences time and ⁢time again with his ​common sense, anti-intellectual approach ‌to ⁢political and⁤ cultural issues.

The following story is part of The Western Journal’s exclusive series, “The Sowell ⁤Digest.”‌ Each issue will break down and⁤ summarize one of Sowell’s many influential⁤ works.

Political buzzwords always ‍conceal truth

In fact, they often⁤ carry the precise opposite meaning of the⁣ impression they convey. Thus, defending “democracy” nearly always entails something authoritarian.

The same holds true for the word “comprehensive” when applied to immigration ​reform. In May, ⁣for instance, the White House⁣ released a statement on “House Democrats Reintroducing President⁣ Biden’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform‍ Bill.”

Eight years ago,⁣ Thomas Sowell ⁢delivered what amounts to⁣ a standing ⁣rebuke of such “comprehensive” plans.

In a 2015 ⁤opinion piece that ⁤appeared in newspapers across the country, including the Palm Springs (California) Desert⁢ Sun, Sowell exposed the problem with calls ⁢for “comprehensive” immigration reform.

The fatal flaw of “comprehensive” immigration reform

First, he noted that the guilt for failing to secure the border rests with the entire political establishment.

“Both Democrats and Republicans ‌are responsible for failing to take control ‌of the borders,” Sowell wrote.

Furthermore, ‍border security involves practical problems with immediate solutions. Thus, ⁣it amounts to a matter of will.

“In all the years‌ that ‍have been ⁢spent talking ‍back and forth about every conceivable‍ immigration policy —⁢ and some that are inconceivable — we could have built the biggest fence of⁢ all time, backed up by electronics, ‍boots on the ground and whatever else it takes,” Sowell wrote.

The ⁢political establishment, however, has ‍delayed securing the border until it can ⁣find answers to ​every immigration-related question.

“Instead, many have been pursuing the ⁣will-o’-the-wisp called ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform,” Sowell wrote. “In other words, ‌we are⁤ supposed to ⁢do everything‌ all at once, ⁤like Obamacare. How well did that turn out?”

Therein lies “comprehensive” immigration reform’s fatal flaw. We cannot‍ do anything, its proponents say, ⁢unless⁣ we can do everything.

Sowell then rightly observed that ⁤ border security need ⁤not⁢ wait on “comprehensive”⁤ reform. On the other hand, “comprehensive” reform cannot occur without border security.

“There are very serious and complex questions⁤ to be confronted before immigration issues are laid ‌to‌ rest by new laws” Sowell acknowledged. “But none of that stops us from taking control of the borders now.”

Indeed, “if the border is not secured, it does not matter what ‍kind of immigration⁣ policy⁣ we have — or⁣ think we have — because⁤ people will⁤ cross the borders when they want to, regardless of what the ⁣policy turns ​out ⁤to be.”

Eight‍ years ‌later,⁤ Sowell’s⁣ “comprehensive”‍ buzzword translation‍ still rings true. In practice, attempting‍ to do everything means accomplishing nothing.

Worse yet, decades ⁤of inaction on this front have raised plausible suspicions. It appears that those who argue for ⁢all-encompassing immigration reform as a precondition to border security in fact have deliberately ⁣inverted the meaning⁤ of ​the⁢ word “comprehensive.” They tell us that they ​plan to do everything because they plan to do​ nothing.

Political buzzwords have that truth-inverting quality

“Comprehensive” means “nothing at all.” “Democracy” means⁣ “surrender your rights and freedoms.”

Small wonder that professional liars ⁤love ⁣their buzzwords.

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