Biden commends capable Republicans running against Trump for 2024 GOP bid.

President Biden Praises Competent GOP Candidates Running Against Trump

“I’m not being facetious. I’m being very serious. I haven’t focused on it that much,”

“It seems like a lot of competent candidates are trying to get the nomination, so we’ll see.”

President Joe Biden recently offered some backhanded praise for Republicans running against former President Donald Trump. During a gaggle with reporters on Monday, Biden conceded that he hasn’t “been able to keep up with” all the 2024 developments on the GOP side, but he contended that there were a lot of “competent candidates who are trying to get the nomination.”

What 2024 GOP Candidates Have Said on Tax Policy

Although he did not single out Trump during the gaggle, Biden has bashed his predecessor in the past for being unfit to serve as president and decried many of his policies as extreme. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) both entered the 2024 GOP primary last week. DeSantis is widely viewed as Trump’s chief GOP foe and has polled very competitively with Biden as well.

Biden trolled DeSantis on Twitter during his launch, ribbing his glitch-plagued campaign debut on the social media platform. When pressed about his reaction to DeSantis’s openness toward pardoning Trump if he ascends to the Oval Office, Biden said, “It’s a good question.”

The president has long denounced “extreme” MAGA Republicans and even likened some of their objectives to “semi-fascism.” As the GOP primary field grows more crowded, Biden has largely aimed most of his digs at Trump, occasionally criticizing DeSantis.

List of Competent GOP Candidates Running for 2024 Nomination:

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)
  • Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)

Biden announced his reelection bid last month, and as the GOP primary field grows more crowded, it will be interesting to see how the president navigates the competition. For now, he seems to be acknowledging the presence of competent candidates running against Trump.


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