Biden official admits lacking knowledge on electric stove installation.

A Top Biden Official‌ Admits Lack‌ of ‍Knowledge on Electric⁢ Stove Installation

In a recent​ Congressional testimony,⁣ Geraldine Richmond, the Department⁤ of⁣ Energy⁣ Under‌ Secretary ⁤for‌ Science​ and Innovation, revealed⁤ that she lacks basic knowledge ⁤about ​installing electric stoves in homes. This⁢ admission came as she defended the Department ⁣of⁢ Energy’s proposed ‍regulatory crackdown on gas⁣ stoves and promotion of electric alternatives.

During the hearing, Rep. Scott ‍Perry (R-Pa.)‍ challenged the notion that the​ proposed ‌rule ‌should not ‌be considered ⁢a ‌gas⁣ stove ⁢ban.⁢ He pointed ‌out that only⁤ 4 percent⁤ of⁣ current gas ⁢stovetops ‍on the ​market meet ⁣the new⁢ rule, leaving ⁢96 percent ⁣non-compliant. Perry also highlighted ‌the financial burden of ‍installing⁤ electric stoves, especially for lower-income households.

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⁢⁣ ⁤Rep. ⁤Scott‌ Perry (R-Pa.)⁢ outside of ⁤the ⁤U.S. Capitol in Washington on May‌ 30, 2023. (Mandel⁢ Ngan/AFP via ⁣Getty Images)

Rep. Perry emphasized the complexity of installing electric stoves, including the ‌need ​for‍ a ​220 line and​ potential risks⁢ of electrocution.⁣ He questioned ⁣whether the Department of Energy ‍had ⁣considered the installation costs ‍in their estimated ⁤efficiency savings. Perry argued that the ‍new rules would force people to buy more⁣ expensive ⁢stoves‍ when their‍ existing ones⁣ break‍ down.

Despite​ claims of‍ supporting consumer choice, Ms. Richmond’s​ responses failed to convince Perry and ‍other Republicans ⁢on the committee. They argued ⁢that ⁣the proposed​ appliance efficiency⁣ standards would disproportionately ‍burden lower-income​ families.

Debating ⁢the⁣ Gas ⁢Stove Ban

The discussion during the​ hearing ⁤also touched on the characterization of the ⁣proposed rulemaking as a gas stove ban. Democrats,⁢ including ‍Rep. Jan ‌Schakowsky⁣ (D-Ill.), dismissed these claims ‌and insisted that​ no one is ⁣taking⁣ away‍ gas‌ stoves. However,⁣ the Gas Stove⁣ Protection and Freedom Act, which aimed to prevent ‌the Consumer Product Safety⁢ Commission from banning gas stoves, passed‍ the House ‍with ​bipartisan‌ support.

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‌⁤ Rep. ‌Jan Schakowsky⁢ (D-Ill)​ speaks during a rally ‌at the House ⁣Triangle of the U.S. Capitol in Washington on⁤ Feb. ‌8, 2022. ⁤(Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)


While the debate ⁤continues,⁢ it is⁤ clear​ that the proposed regulations⁣ on⁢ gas stoves ⁤and the ⁢push ⁣for ⁢electric alternatives have ‌sparked ⁣controversy and concerns about ‍affordability⁢ and‍ consumer ⁢choice.

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