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Biden nominee Werfel approved by Senate to oversee $80B IRS infusion

TThe Senate approved President Joe Biden’s nomination for IRS The controversial rollout will be overseen by the commissioner $80 billion new funding For the agency.

On a bipartisan basis, the lawmakers approved Danny Werfel’s nomination 54 to 42. In approving Danny Werfel’s nomination, six Republicans joined the ranks of Senate Democrats. Outraged at how the Biden Administration handled tax rules for electric vehicles subsidies, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WV, voted against the confirmation vote.

Werfel was the 2013 acting commissioner for the agency will have the big Implementing the largest cash injection by the IRS in many years is a highly scrutinized task.

Democrats claim that the agency was underfunded over the years. They believe that adding monies to the account will increase tax revenue and help improve customer service. Republicans claim that funds will be used by the IRS to audit families of working class and cause IRS excesses, due to past scandals at the tax collection agency.

Nevertheless, Werfel assured Republicans that IRS will not increase audits of those who earn less than $400,000 per year during his confirmation hearing.


He claimed that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who is the Treasury Secretary, has publicly stated her intention to end a spike in small-business audits as well as audits for people earning less than $400,000. Werfel said that he’s a member of the Advisory Board. “committed to meeting” Yellen’s directive.

“Therefore, if I am fortunate enough to be confirmed, the audit and compliance priorities will be focused on enhancing the IRS’s capabilities to ensure that America’s highest earners comply with applicable tax laws,” Werfel said. “Also front and cent

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