Biden’s plan to spare terrorists from the death penalty angers 9/11 families: ‘Heartbreaking betrayal’

President Biden⁢ Faces Backlash for⁤ Offering Plea Deals to 9/11 Terrorists

President Joe ‍Biden is facing intense criticism from the families of 9/11 ⁢victims over his decision to offer plea deals to Guantanamo Bay ⁣inmates accused of orchestrating the deadly terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 2,977 Americans.

According to CBS News, the plea deals would involve Khalid ⁤Sheikh Mohammed,​ identified as the “principal architect” of the 9/11 attacks in the 9/11 Commission Report, and four alleged co-conspirators accepting criminal responsibility and pleading guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.

Last week, 2,000 family members of 9/11 victims sent a letter‍ to the Biden administration, demanding an end to ⁣the negotiations with these men, arguing that it is equivalent to negotiating with terrorists, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A Betrayal of Trust

Dennis McGinley, who lost his brother in the World⁢ Trade Center, expressed his outrage, stating that ‍sparing the death penalty for terrorists is a direct insult to all Americans. ‍He described the situation as a “kick in the gut” ⁤from their own government.

The families are seeking a trial to finally obtain answers to their lingering ‍questions about the tragic plot.

Many of the⁢ victims’ families believe⁢ that Saudi Arabia played ‍a role in the attacks and have written to President Biden and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging them to hold ⁤the Arab ​kingdom‌ accountable.

Brett Eagleson, whose father‌ perished in the World Trade Center, condemned the plea deals as a “sickening betrayal.” He emphasized the importance ‌of hearing what ​Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other detainees have to say.

Trivializing the Tragedy

Troy Rosasco, an attorney representing the 9/11 victims’ families, accused President Biden of trivializing the tragedy‍ by engaging in negotiations ​with⁣ Mohammed and the other suspects. He criticized the Pentagon for its delayed efforts to prosecute the terrorists, suggesting that they hope this issue will quickly fade away.

Rosasco firmly stated, “U.S. policy ⁣should always ‌be — and I thought it was — that we don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

A‌ Call for Transparency

In⁣ 2021, President Biden issued ‍an executive order directing the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI⁢ to declassify and‌ release information related to the 9/11 attacks. ​However, the families of the victims claim that the government has ⁣not‍ fully complied⁤ with this‍ order and has only released a limited amount of sanitized summaries.

Brett Eagleson, the‌ founder of 9/11 Justice, accused ⁤the⁢ Biden administration of engaging in a cover-up. He believes that they are afraid of what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other detainees might reveal about Saudi⁣ Arabia’s involvement and the knowledge possessed by ‌U.S. intelligence ‌agencies.

Eagleson demanded that the 9/11 families be included in any deal, seeking ⁣an apology, an admission of guilt, and ‍closure.

A Disturbing Revelation

Eagleson further ​criticized the ‍Biden administration for attempting to sweep the 9/11 attacks⁤ under the​ rug through plea deals. He claimed that there are numerous unreleased documents held by U.S. intelligence agencies that expose Saudi Arabia’s complicity in the⁣ terrorist attacks.

He argued that ⁢by withholding these documents, the government is‍ not only protecting the⁣ kingdom from embarrassment but also concealing their own intelligence failures.

Eagleson concluded, “They buy billions of dollars of U.S.-manufactured‌ weapons, they stabilize global‌ oil markets. So there’s not a lot of people, ‌or there’s not⁤ a lot of ​big⁢ willingness, to try to push them ‌around⁤ much.”

President Biden is reportedly considering a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in early September, which⁢ has⁣ further fueled the anger and frustration ⁣of⁤ the 9/11 families.

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