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Biden grants Iran $6B in prisoner exchange.

The Biden Administration ​Strikes Deal to Release American Prisoners in Exchange for Iranian Prisoners and Frozen ​Assets

The Biden administration has ⁢made a significant move by approving a deal to release five Iranian prisoners and unfreeze $6 billion in assets in exchange for the freedom of​ five Americans held captive in Iran. ⁣This development,‍ which Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed off on last‌ week, was officially announced on Monday, coinciding with the ⁣commemoration of ⁤the 22nd anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror⁢ attacks.

In this agreement, the United States‍ will grant a waiver ‌to banks in⁤ South Korea​ and Qatar, allowing Iran access to billions of ⁢dollars without violating U.S.⁤ sanctions. ⁣The‌ funds will‍ be transferred to Qatar’s ⁤central ⁤bank, where⁤ the Iranian government can request to use the money for humanitarian goods.

Iran,⁢ known for its⁣ support of terrorism, has faced strict U.S. ​sanctions since ‍former President Donald Trump withdrew from​ the Iran nuclear deal in 2018.‌ Trump’s decision was driven by concerns that the agreement would enable Iran to develop nuclear ‍weapons.

Efforts to Revive the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Biden administration has been actively‍ working to revive the Iran nuclear deal,⁤ although negotiations have been on hold for ⁣several months. The ‍White House has prioritized improving relations with Iran in order to restore the agreement, ⁢and ​the prisoner swap may be seen as a tentative step towards de-escalation by both sides.

News of the ⁤finalized deal coincided with President Biden’s remarks on the anniversary of 9/11, which he delivered from Alaska. During his speech,‌ the president claimed that he visited⁢ Ground Zero the day after ⁤the Twin Towers fell, describing the scene as ​looking like‌ “the gates of hell.”

President Biden has faced criticism for ⁤choosing to travel to Alaska‍ instead of attending the ⁤9/11 memorial ceremonies in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Former New York City‌ Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik⁣ expressed his disgust at Biden’s absence from these solemn events.

“I think it’s disgusting. ‍I got to be honest, I was disgusted with the fact that Biden wasn’t going to be there or attend any ceremony ‌whether⁢ it was New York, Shanksville, D.C.,‌ Pentagon,” Kerik stated, according to Just The News.

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