Biden economic advisor says supply chain crisis is ‘a good thing’

Staff members pick out free groceries for a customer at a food pantry at Shiloh Mercy House in Oakland, Calif., on Nov. 5, 2021. U.S. food banks dealing with increased demand from families sidelined by the pandemic now face a new challenge – surging food prices and supply chain issues. As holidays approach, some food banks worry they won’t have enough turkeys, stuffing and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Residents picking up free groceries in Oakland said they’re grateful for the extra help as the price of dairy, meat and fuel has shot up. (AP Photo/Terry Chea)

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UPDATED 8:21 AM PT – Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Biden administration has been scrambling to defend product shortages while Americans have continued to grow frustrated.

During an interview Tuesday, Joe Biden’s top economic adviser, Brian Deese, claimed the supply chain crisis just means “Americans are out there and able to buy goods again.” His remarks comes as grocery stores across the country run low on popular items or are missing them entirely. However, Deese was quick to dismiss concerns.

“A lot of these supply chain challenges are actually reflections of the fact that we are moving more goods, more products through the American economy now than at any time in history,” he stated. “Significantly higher than before the pandemic. That’s a good thing.”

According to reports, shortages are expected to continue and the cost of the average Thanksgiving meal will be the highest it’s ever been. Meanwhile, Joe Biden attempted to ease ports and supply chains as many blame the administration for the failing economy.

Also on Tuesday, the White House unveiled a Biden-Harris Action Plan that seeks to make amends regarding port congestion that has caused rising prices and a lack of items on store shelves. The plan would allegedly pay for potential upgrades to U.S. ports within 90-days while redirecting funds to address the ongoing problem.

While critics blame Biden’s “handouts” as one of the leading causes of supply chain backup, the administration is instead blaming “outdated infrastructure and the COVID-19 pandemic” for the issue.

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