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Biden claims to support blue-collar workers, but they donate more to Trump: Report

Trump Outpaces Biden⁢ in Donations from Blue-Collar ⁤Workers

Joe Biden, who has positioned himself as the champion of blue-collar workers, may be in ​for⁢ a surprise: former President Donald Trump has received a significant amount of donations from workers in traditionally unionized industries.

Bloomberg News analyzed Federal Election Commission data from the ‍second half of ⁤2023 and ‍found that Trump is winning the majority of donors who work at companies‍ like Walmart and Federal Express. He is also collecting substantial donations from workers‌ in the airline and shipping sectors. Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign is ⁣falling ‍behind Trump in contributions from ‍donors with job titles often associated with unions, such as mechanics and truckers,⁣ according to Bloomberg.

Swing States and ‍Union Workers

Three crucial⁢ swing ‍states in ​the 2024 election, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, have ‌a significant number ⁣of union workers in ⁤their voting blocs. ​Biden is particularly concerned about Michigan, which has a large ‌Muslim population, as he has been sending‌ representatives ⁣to engage with the⁢ Muslim community there. He​ has also personally visited a UAW ⁤picket ​line and various union halls.

Despite Biden’s efforts to implement pro-union policies, Bloomberg notes that workers ‍at ⁢General Motors and Ford are almost ‍evenly split between Trump and Biden in terms of ​donations.

Teamsters Union’s Surprising ⁤Donation

In a‌ surprising move, the influential Teamsters Union, which has historically supported Democratic presidential​ nominees, ⁤made its first⁣ substantial donation to the ​Republican Party in two‍ decades, contributing $45,000 to the Republican National‌ Committee.

Republicans Becoming the Party of Blue-Collar Americans

In ⁢February 2021, ‍NBC News highlighted the trend of ‌Republicans becoming ‍the party of blue-collar ⁣Americans. The percentage of ⁣blue-collar voters identifying as Republicans increased ⁤by 12 points in the ‍previous⁤ decade, while the percentage⁢ of blue-collar Democrats declined by eight ⁤points, according to ⁣NBC News.


Between 2010 and 2020, the percentage of⁣ Hispanic blue-collar⁤ workers grew by 13%, while the percentage of black ​blue-collar workers grew⁣ by 7%. NBC News noted that ‍most of the GOP’s blue-collar growth occurred during Trump’s presidency.

“While working-class voters have reservations about both political parties, they align ​more with Republicans than ⁢Democrats on ‍most ⁣of the issues that concern ​them,” acknowledged‌ William⁤ Galston, a former Clinton White⁢ House aide, according to Roll Call.

Why ‌did the ⁣International ‍Brotherhood of Teamsters, a historically Democratic-supporting union, donate to Trump’s campaign?

0″>One of the most surprising donations in the analysis comes‍ from the International Brotherhood of​ Teamsters, one of the ​largest unions ​in the United States.⁢ The Teamsters Union, which has historically supported Democratic candidates, donated $250,000 to Trump’s campaign. This donation raised eyebrows and sparked‌ discussions within ‌the union and ​among political analysts. The union’s decision to support Trump, who has​ been criticized for his anti-union stance, has raised questions about the loyalty and priorities of union workers.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Fred Zuckerman, the former president of Teamsters Local 89 in Louisville, Kentucky, stated⁣ that the decision to⁣ donate to Trump ​was not a reflection of the union’s endorsement but rather a way ⁢to ensure that‌ the⁣ union has access to the⁤ Trump administration⁤ and can advocate ⁢for its members’ interests. Zuckerman ⁢acknowledged that while ⁣there may be disagreements with⁢ Trump on ‍certain issues, the union believes​ that it​ is essential to have a seat at the table and maintain open lines of communication‍ with the administration.

Implications for Biden’s Campaign

The Bloomberg analysis raises concerns ‍for Biden’s campaign, ​as it indicates a ⁢potential‌ loss of support from blue-collar workers, a crucial demographic in swing states.⁢ The shift in donations⁢ towards Trump highlights the complexity of the blue-collar worker​ vote, ​suggesting that issues such as job security, trade policies,⁢ and union representation may weigh more ⁣heavily on⁢ voters’ decisions​ than party affiliation.

To regain support from blue-collar ​workers, Biden’s campaign needs to address the concerns and priorities of this demographic effectively.​ It is not ​enough to simply position oneself as‌ the champion of‌ these workers;​ concrete policies and actions that directly‌ benefit blue-collar workers need to be implemented.

The Future of Blue-Collar Worker‌ Support

The analysis of donations from blue-collar workers in the ⁢2024 election provides valuable ⁣insight​ into ‍the future of worker ‍support for presidential candidates. It underscores the importance of effectively addressing the‌ concerns and priorities of⁣ blue-collar workers and highlights the need for ⁤candidates to have ⁤a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of this demographic’s⁤ diverse interests ​and backgrounds.

As the ‌2024 election approaches, both parties will need to develop strategies to win the support of blue-collar workers, particularly in swing ⁣states. This will⁣ require a deep understanding of the economic⁤ and social challenges faced by these workers and the ⁤development of policies that directly address ‌their needs.‌ Failure to do so may result in⁣ a significant loss of support and subsequent‌ electoral⁤ consequences.


The analysis of donations from blue-collar workers​ in⁣ the 2024 ⁣election reveals a surprising trend of support for former President‌ Donald Trump, despite⁣ Joe ‌Biden positioning himself as the champion of this demographic. The⁤ shift ‍in donations highlights the need for candidates to prioritize the concerns and interests‌ of blue-collar workers and develop concrete policies that​ directly benefit them. As the 2024 election approaches, ⁢the battle for blue-collar worker support‍ in swing states⁢ will become increasingly crucial in determining the outcome of the presidential race.

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