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Biden Busted by Twitter for Lying About GOP Medicare Cuts While Targeting Medicare Advantage

Joe Biden and his staff have a history teasing Medicare and Social Security. I have written in the past about how they Falsely claimed credit Due to the high inflation they caused, a cost-of-living increase to Social Security is required by law. But one of the biggest lies they’ve been spreading is about Republicans — that they want to cut Social Security and Medicare.

It’s something they’re constantly claiming, even though House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has said the programs are “off the table.”

McCarthy In January, this was the most important thing. in his “Commitment to America” Not to cut Social Security or Medicare, but to increase them.

But that didn’t stop Joe Biden from lying about it on Sunday.

“House Republicans are threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, putting the dignity of millions of Americans who rely on these programs at risk,” Biden made false claims. “I won’t stand for that. We ought to strengthen these programs – not gut them.”

Twitter flagged Biden’s tweet, pointing out what McCarthy said — that it was “off the table” Talks about increasing the debt limit.

Twitter will call you out for lying when you lie.

But not only is Biden lying about the Republicans, he’s also doing it while he’s making moves that could hurt Medicare seniors.

Two statements from his administration in the last week have been released about two cuts to Medicare Advantage.

First, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Announcement That they would “claw back $4.7 billion from 2023 through 2032” In overpayments. This could lead to “higher costs to plans” That “could lead some insurers to pull out of markets — and beneficiaries could face higher costs, fewer plan choices or reduced supplemental benefits under the Medicare Advantage program, per an Avalere analysis.”

In the second move — which is even more concerning — Medicare Advantage insurers would face an average 2.3 percent cut to baseline payments in 2024, Biden’s CMS said on Wednesday. This would result in a net reduction of more than $3B for the industry.

Medicare Advantage, also known by Medicare Part C, can be used by 48% of Medicare beneficiaries, so that’s a lot of Americans who Biden could be hurting with those moves. A bipartisan majority of senators, including Sens., supports Medicare Advantage. John Fetterman, Kyrsten Sinema and Jon Tester (I-AZ), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), John Fetterman (D-PA), Kyrsten Silnema (I-AZ), Jon Tester(D-MT), Joe Manchin [D-WV]) and Joe Manchin (D-WV] are all members of the bipartisan group Medicare Advantage. The bipartisan group I wrote a letter CMS, please pray “continue to sustain and strengthen Medicare Advantage.” “We ask that the Administration provide a stable rate and policy environment for Medicare Advantage that will strengthen and ensure the long-term sustainability of the program—protecting access to its important benefits on which our constituents have come to rely,” The senators were enquired.

Kevin Hern, R-OK, Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee (RSC). An alarm sounded Biden’s actions. Hern warned about the direction Biden was taking with this. “Biden just cut nearly $5 billion in funding for Medicare Advantage, and this is just his first step. The end goal is to get everyone – not just seniors – onto government-controlled, Medicare-for-All plans.”

Joe Biden might want to see a mirror to find out who is targeting Medicare seniors if he’s trying to make a statement.

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