Biden criticizes Second Amendment backers, claims they require F-16s to confront government.

President Biden Challenges Second Amendment Supporters

President Joe Biden sparked controversy on Tuesday with his remarks about the Second Amendment, suggesting that those who truly want to challenge the American government would need F-16 fighter jets. The comments were made during a private event at a California residence, where Biden argued against the need for AR-15s among citizens.

A Call for Change

“We have to change,” Biden emphasized. “The majority of Americans agree that owning a weapon of war is unnecessary. As someone who taught the Second Amendment for years in law school, I can tell you that it doesn’t grant unlimited ownership of any weapon.”

Biden clarified that there are limitations to the types of weapons individuals can own under the Second Amendment. “Even when the amendment was passed, you couldn’t own a cannon or a machine gun,” he explained. “I’m serious.”

A Critique of Second Amendment Defenders

The president then turned his attention to those who staunchly defend the Second Amendment. “I find it interesting when people claim that the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots,” Biden remarked. “If you truly want to challenge the government, an AR-15 won’t cut it. You need something more powerful, like an F-16.”

Biden also highlighted the financial motivations behind the support for AR-15s. According to him, American gun manufacturers favor the weapon due to its low production cost and high profit margins. “The AR-15 is the most profitable weapon they can sell,” he stated.

A Broader Mission

These recent comments from President Biden are part of his ongoing campaign to restrict access to certain firearms. In January, he previously mentioned the F-16 in relation to the Second Amendment, emphasizing the need for more firepower when challenging the federal government.

It is clear that President Biden’s stance on gun control continues to be a contentious issue, with supporters and opponents of the Second Amendment closely watching his actions and statements.

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