Biden imposes 500+ sanctions on Russia for Navalny’s death

President Joe ‌Biden speaks to the National Governors Association ‍during an event in the East Room ‍of the White‍ House, Friday, Feb. 23,⁢ 2024, in Washington. (AP​ Photo/Evan Vucci)

OAN’s James​ Meyers
12:58 PM – Friday, ⁤February 23, 2024

President ⁢Joe Biden has made a bold move by imposing over 500 sanctions against Russia. This decision comes ⁤as a response to the ‌death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny and the ongoing war in Ukraine.


“If Putin does ⁢not pay the‍ price for his death and destruction, he will keep going,” Biden stated. “And the costs to the United States—along with our NATO Allies and partners in Europe and around the ⁢world—will ‌rise.”

The ‌sanctions will target individuals connected to Navalny’s imprisonment, as well as Russia’s financial department,‍ defense ⁤industrial ⁤base,⁤ and procurement networks.

Furthermore,⁤ the U.S. will impose 100 new export restrictions,⁤ blocking the ​shipment of items to Russia ‍as a warning to exporters that ⁣they will face American sanctions for sending goods⁢ to Russia.

Biden explained that the sanctions will also impact Russia’s⁢ energy ⁤profits, and that the U.S. will⁣ “strengthen support for civil society, independent media, and those who​ fight for democracy around the ‍world.”

Political analysts speculate that Biden is using these sanctions ⁣to pressure Republican officials into passing the $95 billion national security supplemental, which includes funding for ‍Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs more supplies from the United States to hold the line against Russia’s relentless attacks, which are enabled by arms and‌ ammunition from Iran and North Korea. That’s why the⁣ House of Representatives must pass the ‍bipartisan national security supplemental bill, before it’s too late,” Biden emphasized.

Putin’s war strategy is to outlast other ⁢nations ‌supporting Ukraine both financially and militarily.

“Remember, the ⁤United States pulled together a coalition of more than 50 nations ‍to support‍ Ukraine. We unified and expanded⁢ NATO. We can’t walk away now. And that’s what Putin is betting on, he’s betting on we’re going to walk away,” Biden warned.

Navalny, who was serving an almost 20-year prison sentence on extremist ​charges, is seen by⁣ Putin supporters as a political dissident who went ‍against ⁢the Kremlin.

Biden firmly holds Putin responsible for Navalny’s death.

“Make no mistake, Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death. Putin is responsible,” Biden declared.

Biden concluded his speech by announcing his ​upcoming discussions with Group of Seven (G-7) members, NATO, and European Union leaders.

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What⁣ actions has ​the Biden⁤ administration taken to hold Russia accountable for its actions?

Ke,⁢ he knew exactly what​ would happen to Navalny if he returned to Russia,” Biden declared. “This is a ⁣man who is poisoned and imprisoned ⁤for simply daring to speak out against corruption and injustice.”

The imposition of these‍ sanctions is​ the latest in a series of actions ‍taken by the Biden administration ​to hold Russia accountable for its ⁢actions. In April 2021, President Biden expelled Russian diplomats and imposed a series of financial sanctions in‌ response to ⁢Russian interference in the 2020⁢ U.S. ⁢presidential election. This⁢ new round of⁤ sanctions is a clear message⁣ that⁤ the U.S. will not tolerate⁢ Russia’s⁢ aggressive ⁣behavior.

“These sanctions are not just about punishing Russia,” Biden emphasized.⁤ “They are about⁤ defending our values and protecting our allies. We‌ will not stand idly by while‌ Russia continues to violate international norms and threaten ⁣the stability of our world.”

However, critics argue that these sanctions may not have the desired impact and could potentially ​escalate tensions between the U.S. and Russia. They argue that economic sanctions ⁢alone are unlikely to change Russian ⁤behavior and that a more coordinated international response ‌is needed.

Despite the criticism, President Biden⁤ remains steadfast in his decision.

“We have seen the impact of​ sanctions⁤ in the ​past,” ‍Biden stated. “They ⁢can put pressure on ⁤governments and individuals, and they can shape behavior. This is just the beginning. We will continue‌ to ​use all tools at our disposal to hold Russia accountable.”

Only time will tell the true ⁤impact of these sanctions and⁤ whether they will ultimately lead to a change in Russian behavior. ⁤But for now, President Biden has made it clear that ⁢he is willing ⁣to take a strong stance ⁣against Russia in order to defend American values and protect international stability.


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