Biden and Germany’s Scholz Vow to Support Ukraine ‘As Long as It Takes’

U.S. President Joe Biden will meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in order to discuss the war in Ukraine as well as the challenges presented by China’s communist regime.

Scholz met Biden at the Oval Office and had a lengthy one-on-one conversation about Russia’s attempted invasion of Ukraine. Both leaders also reaffirmed their commitments to humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine.

“It is really important that we act together, that we organize in lockstep, and that we make it feasible that we can give the necessary support to Ukraine during all this time,” Scholz said.

“At this time, I think it’s very important that we give the message that we will continue to do so as long as it takes … and that we are ready also to stay with the Ukrainians as long as it is necessary.”

Scholz stated that U.S.-German relations are in “very good shape,” And that both nations were willing to keep their promises to Ukraine in order to protect it from Russian aggression.

Biden also described U.S.-German cooperation to support Ukraine as “working in.” “lockstep,” And they stated that Moscow had been repaid its hostilities by the nations.

“We made it clear that if [Russia] moved, we would both respond,” Biden stated to Scholz. “And together we made good on that promise.”

Working ‘Hand in Hand’ to Aid Ukraine

The United States announced shortly before the meeting that it would be holding a 33rd Presidential Drawingdown. security assistance Ukraine has heavily relied on international assistance to keep its defense against Russia.

The new package will provide Ukraine $400 million worth artillery systems, munitions, spare parts, and maintenance equipment. This brings the total U.S. military support to Ukraine to $30 billion, more than the amount Russia provided after the invasion.

“The United States is just one nation supporting Ukraine’s right to sovereignty,” A Department of Defense statement (DOD). said.

“According to DOD figures, more than 54 countries from around the world have pledged more than 1,000 tanks and other armored vehicles. They’ve delivered or pledged more than 800 artillery systems, and they’ve delivered more than 2 million rounds of artillery ammunition and more than 50 advanced Multiple Rocket Launch Systems.”

John Kirby, White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby stated the importance of the partnership between the United States (and Germany) in delivering humanitarian aid and military assistance to Ukraine.

Kirby stated that Scholz’s visit was certain to strengthen their close relationship.

“The visit comes as we mark one year since that invasion started, and we’re proud of the collective efforts that we’ve taken together to provide Ukraine with the capabilities they need,” Kirby said During a March 2, press briefing.

“We’ve worked hand in hand with Germany and the Quad, the G7, and allies and partners all over the world, including through the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, to do exactly that.”

Kirby stated that Scholz and Biden would use their time to discuss the forthcoming NATO Summit in Vilnius (Lituania) in July. They also discussed other global issues such as the challenges presented by communist China.

China’s Shadow and Possible Russia Support

Scholz’s visit occurs at a sensitive time in international relations. The Biden administration has expressed growing concern that China’s communist regime might supply lethal military assistance to Russia for its war on conquest.

Kirby acknowledged that Scholz, Biden might discuss the matter in private but stressed that the United States has not seen any concrete evidence that China’s Communist Party (CCP), has provided such aid to Russia.

“We haven’t seen the Chinese make this decision,” Kirby said. “We don’t think they’ve taken it off the table, but we haven’t seen them make a decision to go forward.”

Many reports allege that Beijing has already provided arms to Russia despite the reluctance of the U.S. to accuse it.

A February 23 report Der Spiegel reported that Russia received military aviation equipment from the regime, disguised as civilian technology. According to the report, the regime also used intermediaries in UAE to deliver dual use drones to Russia.

In related news, the CCP held high-level discussions with key Russia ally Belarusian and issued a “Remarkable” “peace plan,” This largely repeats Russian propaganda, claiming that the United States and NATO are to blame for the war.

A Reuters report on the topic of lethal assistance is available. report An anonymous source claimed that the United States is currently in backroom talks with its allies in preparation for a series of sanctions against China if there was evidence of its malign behavior.

“It obviously is very much a situation that we’re tracking,” A senior official from the Biden administration spoke to reporters prior to Scholz and Biden’s meeting.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine has put China in a difficult position, and every step that China takes toward Russia makes it harder for China.”

Another official stated that the United States was “aligned with the German view” Both countries were willing to sanction any country providing lethal assistance to Russia.

While the official did not confirm or deny the report of such sanctions being in the works, the official said that Germany and the United States had shared their views with the CCP.

“We have been clear with China from the beginning about our concerns and the implications of providing this kind of support to Russia,” According to the official.

“Chancellor Scholz spoke to his parliament earlier today and similarly said publicly that he was very much cautioning against Chinese support for Russia’s war in Ukraine and calling on Beijing to use its influence with the Kremlin to encourage Moscow to withdraw from Ukrainian territory.”

From Biden and Germany’s Scholz Vow to Support Ukraine ‘As Long as It Takes’

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