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GOP Representative accuses Biden of leaving hundreds of troops ‘hostage’ in Niger

The article discusses the concerning situation of U.S. troops in Niger, where the country has requested the departure of all American military personnel.​ A GOP Representative‌ accuses Biden of ‍leaving hundreds of troops ‘hostage’ in Niger, as ‌reported by The Western Journal. The article addresses the troubling circumstances involving U.S. troops in Niger, with the nation requesting the removal of all American military personnel. A GOP ⁢Representative has accused Biden of abandoning hundreds of troops, labeling them as ‘hostages’ in Niger, according to a report by The Western Journal.

New reports paint a dire picture of American forces in Niger, a western African nation that this month said it wants all U.S. military personnel to leave the country. A […]

The post Biden Allowing Hundreds of Troops to Be Held ‘Hostage’ in Niger, According to GOP Rep appeared first on The Western Journal.

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