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Biden Admin Criticized for Cartel Gunmen Crossing Border, Escaping Capture.

A Shocking Report: Cartel Gunmen Illegally Cross US Border

A recent report about suspected cartel gunmen illegally crossing into the United States and‌ eluding ⁤capture over the weekend has sparked a fresh wave of condemnation against the Biden administration for its handling‍ of the southern border.

Bill ‌Melugin, a national correspondent for Fox News, broke the news on Tuesday ⁢in a post showing grainy, black-and-white images of men holding ⁣rifles running ⁤through a thicket.

“Per ⁣law enforcement source, a group of suspected cartel gunmen armed with rifles & body armor were seen ​on cameras crossing illegally into the Fronton, [Texas] area‌ in the [Rio Grande Valley] Saturday ‌night. Elite⁤ Border Patrol BORTAC agents were called out & searched [the] area, but found nobody,” Melugin said.

The post quickly went viral, eliciting comments from Republican lawmakers and ‌others who criticized the Biden administration for not‌ doing more to secure the border.

“Joe Biden has empowered these vicious, deadly cartels giving them free rein over our border,” said Sen. ⁤Ted Cruz (R-TX). “Our communities‍ are forced to suffer the dangerous consequences of his refusal to follow the law.”

Rep. Stephanie‍ Bice (R-OK) said the report underscored why the GOP-led House passed H.R. 2, ⁤which she called the “most comprehensive border security bill since 1996.” The ​congresswoman added, “Under this administration, American communities feel like border communities. It is past time for the Senate ⁢to act to secure our ‍border.”

“Biden’s open border endangers the⁣ life of every single American. How many more cartel members are slipping ⁤through undetected? Let’s call it what it is: National. Security. Crisis,” said Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN).

Sen.‍ Katie Boyd Britt (R-AL) ​ said daily encounters at the border averaged nearly 7,300 during the first week of August. “This crisis is a ⁢clear national security risk, and every day the Biden Administration ​refuses⁣ to reverse course‍ puts more hardworking American families and ⁤communities in grave danger,” she added.

The National Border Patrol Council, the union representing Border Patrol agents, specifically chastised President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, ⁢and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “Here is what Biden, Harris, Mayorkas and their [mainstream media] don’t want ‍you to see. It’s called ‘reality,’” the union posted to X.

The Daily Wire reached out to U.S. Customs and​ Border Protection, the agency that houses the U.S. Border Patrol, seeking comment on the⁢ report.

Mayorkas defended the⁢ administration’s efforts to secure the border ‌when he ​ appeared before⁣ a House committee in May.

“Our approach to managing ⁤the borders securely and humanely — even within our⁢ fundamentally broken immigration system — is working,” Mayorkas testified. The secretary also⁣ insisted that “our ⁤efforts have weakened” cartels “by the investigations and prosecutions that we have conducted with our international partners.”

In a follow-up post to X, Melugin said, “Fronton, TX is a heavy cartel area with significant drug smuggling.‌ Border Patrol sources ​tell me armed gunmen are⁣ frequently encountered there. This was another group of suspected cartel gunmen who ⁢were arrested there in June.”

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