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Biden Administration Uses Authority to Increase Food Stamp Spending by $200 Billon

After illegally bailing out college graduates With a $400 billion student loan amnesty President Joe Biden It’s back again. Illegally, he has increased food stamp benefits to $200 billion. House Republicans Should end both illegal and illegitimate measures.

According to a Government Accountability Office report released last week, Biden’s Department of Agriculture It abused its authority as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill in order to accelerate a review on food costs. The agency also flouted its own guidelines in calculating these costs. These illegal changes led to food stamp benefits exceeding inflation for the first 45 years.


The USDA has developed food plans since 1975 that offer a balanced diet at four price points: low-cost to moderate-cost, high-cost to high-cost and liberal. Food stamp benefits have been determined at the Thrifty food plan level. Since 1975, the USDA has reevaluated these levels at least three times. The most recent was 15 years ago.

The 2018 Farm Bill mandated a new assessment by 2022. There will be reevaluations every five year thereafter. This is essentially a computer-based model that inputs data about food, nutrition, and price to calculate the revaluation. “Market Baskets” There are many foods and drinks you can eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to the GAO the Biden administration essentially cooked its computer model and broke almost a dozen USDA guidelines to get a staggering 21% increase in maximum food stamp benefits.

Predictably, even after presented with the GAO’s conclusions, the Biden administration was unapologetic about its illegal activity.

“We stand firm on both the quality of our work

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