Warning: Biden Exploits Vast Database Covering 90% of US Voters

Get Ready for⁢ the 2024 Election: Biden‌ and Democrats Have a Powerful New Tool

As the 2024 election season ramps up, voters⁢ should ⁣be aware that President Joe Biden​ and‌ the Democrats have a new tool that gives them access to their data.

According to Axios, ‍an independent⁤ firm called the Democratic Data⁤ Exchange has a new‍ database that ‍allows the ⁢Democratic Party ⁢and associated groups⁣ to ⁢access the information of about 90 percent⁣ of American voters.

The report​ Thursday said the new DDx database gives Biden and the Democrats an “unprecedented level of detail” about possible‌ voters, ⁤including not only ‌contact information but also voting preferences, how they have reacted to previous⁢ attempts ⁢at outreach and even whether they speak English.

Axios said the database is ‌an ⁢effort by the‌ Democrats to close​ a decade-long gap in⁣ information gathering with Republicans. The GOP developed Data Trust after the 2012 election​ and since then has dominated the information game, the report said.

The DDX ​database, ​however, gives such a ‍high level‍ of detail that it might give the Democrats the⁣ edge in 2024.

Efficiency and Precision in Voter Outreach

Becca Siegel, who ⁤led the Biden campaign’s analytics team in 2020, said the system will allow the ‌Democrats⁤ to‌ be more efficient ⁤in pinpointing and targeting persuadable voters.

“When we’re talking about billions of dollars of voter outreach, a little more efficient is very meaningful … and may be ⁣the difference between winning and losing an‍ election,” she said.

Now this is not to say the Democrats are‌ doing anything nefarious by having⁤ a database like⁢ this. After all, the Republicans have a ⁣similar system,⁣ and this is just part of how voter outreach works⁢ in the internet⁢ age.

Parties ⁢need to do ‍research to figure ⁤out‍ which voters‌ they likely could persuade to vote ⁣for​ their candidates and which ones they couldn’t. It allows campaigns to direct their resources more efficiently.

So, in that respect,‍ this is⁢ just another‌ powerful campaign tool that‌ will be useful in the 2024 election.

But while the Biden campaign might not be doing anything wrong by having access​ to this database, it ⁤is ‌still a‍ little creepy that it has access to so much personal information about the vast majority of ⁢American ‌voters.

And there is a risk the president’s team could use that data for other purposes.

The Biden ⁤administration has been ⁤known to harass its political ‍opponents‌ by weaponizing the Department ⁤of Justice ⁤and the⁢ FBI. Who is to say that it ⁣won’t use this data to target‌ even more political opponents?

With this‍ kind of sensitive ⁢information, you want ⁢to make sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands, where it could be used for ​the wrong‌ purposes.

With⁤ the way ⁢that the Democrats have been behaving since ⁤they came into power, it, unfortunately, ‌is very possible that someone could use the collected⁣ database‌ for sinister ​reasons.

There is no ⁣reason⁣ to panic, but voters should be‍ aware ‍that⁤ their personal information is most likely on ⁤file‌ with the Biden campaign.

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